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Langit Lupa
Langit Lupa-titlecard.jpg
Title card
Created by Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario
Written by
  • Raymund Barcelon
  • Maribel Ilag
  • Margarette Labrador
  • Ruel Montañez
  • Christine Marie Gara
  • Arnold Galicia
  • Denise O' Hara
  • Cherry Villaluz
Directed by
  • Carlo Po Artillaga
  • Myla Ajero-Gaite
Opening theme "Langit Lupa" by Esang de Torres
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of episodes 108 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Edgar Joseph J. Mallari
Producer(s) Rizza Gonzales-Ebriega
Production location(s)
  • Philippines
  • Hong Kong
  • Joy Buenaventura
  • Dennis Salgado
Running time 31–42 minutes
Production company(s) RSB Drama Unit
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release November 28, 2016 (2016-11-28) – April 28, 2017 (2017-04-28)

Langit Lupa (International title: Heaven and Earth) is a 2016 Philippine family drama television series directed by Carlo Po Artillaga and Myla Ajero-Gaite, starring Xia Vigor and Yesha Camile in the title role. The series premiered on ABS-CBN's PrimeTanghali noontime block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on November 28, 2016 to April 28, 2017, replacing Be My Lady.


The story begins with Dey (Alessandra de Rossi) and Lala (Yam Concepcion), who promised each other that they will face all the obstacles in life and be bestfriends forever. They started being friends since they were young. They had a shoe business, got married, and later on became mothers. They both named their children "Princess".

A big challenge will ruin their friendship when Ian (Patrick Garcia), Lala's husband, stole Lala and Dey's shares on the company to pay his loans. This becomes more challenging when Dey was hospitalized because of cardiac arrest, so Joey (Jason Abalos), Dey's husband, needs money for Dey's operation and has no choice but to ask Dey's shares from Lala. However, Lala can't provide anything since the money was stolen by Ian, which led to Dey's death. This soon led to Joey's hatred towards Lala.

Ian left the country to stay away from Lala after stealing the money. Meanwhile, Joey, together with Lolo Pogi (Boboy Garovillo), Jun-Jun (Jairus Aquino), and baby Esang (Yesha Camile), moved on and started a new life without Dey.

Years after, Esang (Yesha Camile) and Princess (Xia Vigor) grew up; Esang, Dey and Joey's child, grew up with a loving and caring family even if they are not rich; Princess, Lala and Ian's child, grew up in a wealthy family that has no time for each other.

Esang and Princess became schoolmates. They started as enemies but ended up as bestfriends when Esang took care of Princess' dog, Pencil, but Esang named it "Yoyo".

Cast and characters

Main cast

Actor Character Description
Xia Vigor Princess Gutierrez Chavez Princess is Lala and Ian's daughter. She was only raised by her mother. Her father Ian escaped to another country because he stole money from Dey and Lala. She grew up in a wealthy family, unlike Esang who grew up less fortunate. Princess has a dog named Pencil, who she considers her only friend because she has none. On the first day of school, she got bullied and started crying in the restroom and was heard by Esang, who mistook her for a ghost. When Esang tries several attempts to be friends with her, Princess constantly rejects her affections. Later, she and Esang became best friends.
Yesha Camile Princess "Esang" Marasigan Garcia Esang is Dey and Joey's daughter. She lost her mother at a younger age due to cardiac arrest, and was raised by her father and grandfather. Even though she was raised without her mother, she is still the "Princess" of the family. A loving daughter, whose only concern is her loved ones. She has a kind heart and is kind to everyone she meets even if they are rude and mean to her at first. During her first day at school, when she used the restroom, she heard Princess crying and thought she was a ghost. After finding out the truth, she tries several attempts to befriend her and start a friendship. Esang and Princess then become best friends. Esang promised Princess that she would defend her from the bullies. Esang and Princess then introduce each other to their respective family, but unknown to them are the problems of the past with their mothers.
Jason Abalos Joey Garcia Dey's widower and Esang's father. He was Dey's childhood friend who showed her true love. He swore to love Dey for the rest of their lives. Joey's world will fall apart as the love of his life will die. When Dey needed to undergo surgery, he begged Lala for their shares; however, she couldn't do this because Ian stole it to pay off his debts. When Dey died, Joey blames Lala for her death because "she killed her best friend." After Dey's death, Joey and Lolo Pogi raise Dey's daughter and call her Princess or "Esang." Joey is a hardworking and loving father who will do everything to try to give Esang the things she needs despite they are not rich. Will Joey ever forgive the mistakes of the past, and will he ever forgive Lala for the death of Dey?
Yam Concepcion Priscilla "Lala" Gutierrez-Chavez The main protagonist of the series. Lala is Dey's best friend, Ian's wife, and Princess' mother. After graduating from college, she and Dey became business partners in a shoe company. The business was an ultimate success, Dey designed the shoes and Lala would make them. When she fell in love with Ian, Dey tried to tell her that Ian would just cheat on her; however, she didn't listen. Upon realizing what Ian has done, Lala wakes up to her senses and tries to return Dey's shares wishing to help the dying Dey. But it was too late, and Dey died. Lala raised her daughter alone and continued her and Dey's business. When Princess befriends Lala, she returns into Joey's life and will resurface the past once again. Will Lala ever get Joey's forgiveness? Or is it too late to change the past?
Patrick Garcia Christian "Ian" Chavez Lala's husband and Princess's father. A womanizer who married Lala, Ian was the cause of all misfortunes and problems, including the death of Dey, because he stole Dey and Lala's money and shares in hoping to pay his debts. Knowing what he has done, Ian abandons the responsibilities as a father and husband and goes abroad to start a new life. He cheated on Lala several times, but knowing that she loves Ian she will always forgive him. Ian later returns from abroad to fix all of his mistakes from the past, especially to redeem himself as Princess's father. He has a girlfriend named Isadora, and becomes the adoptive father of her daughter Trixie. Later, Ian died from chest pain due to heart disease.
Ellen Adarna Isadora "Issa" Sobrevista The main antagonist of the series. When Ian returns from abroad back to the Philippines, it is revealed that Isadora has a daughter and she is Ian's new girlfriend. The only reason why she is with Ian is because she wants to steal money from the shoe company that Dey and Lala started. Later on, Isadora becomes more manipulative and selfish than ever as she attempts to keep Ian all to herself, not caring who gets hurt in the process. She also despises both Esang and Princess, referring herself to the children as the "Kinatatakotan."

Supporting cast

Actor Character Description
Alessandra de Rossi Daisylyn "Dey" Marasigan-Garcia Pogi's daughter and Batas' older sister. During her childhood years, she befriended Lala and they became best friends forever or "BFF." After they finished college, Lala surprised her by opening their own shoe company; Dey will do the designs and Lala will create them. Dey then marries her childhood friend Joey and they had a daughter named Esang. To pay his debts, Ian, Lala's husband, borrows money from Dey's shares of the company to pay for his debts. One morning, Dey suffered from a cardiac arrest and was brought to the hospital. Joey begged Lala to give them the shares but it was too late. Before Dey died, she told Joey to take care of their daughter.
Boboy Garovillo Lyndon "Lolo Pogi" Marasigan, Sr. Dey and Jun-Jun's father, Joey's father-in-law and Esang's grandfather.
Jairus Aquino Lyndon "Jun-Jun/Batas" Marasigan, Jr. Lolo Pogi's son, Dey's younger brother, Joey's brother-in-law and Esang's uncle.
Sharlene San Pedro Corazon "Heart" Cayabyab Joey, Lolo Pogi, and Jun-Jun's neighbor. Jun-Jun's friend.
Miho Nishida Cindy Manlangit Diday's younger half sister who moved to Manila to study. She, along with Diday work for Lala. She falls in love with Princess' teacher, Keith; however, Diday disapproves of them being together.
Tommy Esguerra Keith "Kit" Principe Princess' teacher at Little Thinkers. He starts off teaching Princess at her house as she is homeschooled. There, he meets Diday's sister, Cindy and falls in love with her as time passes.
Angelica Ulip Patricia "Trixie" Sobrevista Isadora's daughter and Ian's adopted daughter. She, along with Isa was left by her father so Ian decided to be her father instead. When she meets Princess, she starts being mean to her. Not just Princess who she was mean to, also Esang when she saw her with Princess at the Sunday market. Will Trixie be mean to the 2 best friends? Or will she be nice to them?
Viveika Ravanes Diday Diday works for Lala and helps her take care of Princess. She is Cindy's half sister and is strict with her but only because she wants her baby sister to be able to reach her dreams. She sacrificed a lot for Cindy and her family.

Extended cast

  • Lilet as Teresa Principe
  • Jean Saburit as Valerie
  • Kitkat as Gigi
  • Ron Morales as Bong
  • Niña Dolino as Wilma
  • Vivo Ouano as Mark
  • Frenchie Dy as Shirley
  • Gerard Acao as Benjie
  • Ryan Rems as Jawo
  • Angelo Ilagan as Jordan
  • Paulo Angeles as Ivan
  • Barbie Imperial as Jenny
  • Dominic Roque as Luis
  • Nhikzy Calma as Paeng
  • Jef Gaitan as Monique
  • Igi Boy Flores as Obet
  • John Bermudo as Toyo
  • Rhett Romero as Ricky
  • Jong Cuenco as Perez
  • Freddie Webb as Mario
  • Irra Cenina as Teacher Brian
  • Arvin Arellano

Special participation

  • Trisha Redd Yosa as young Daisylyn "Dey" Marasigan
  • Faye Alhambra as young Priscilla "Lala" Gutierrez
  • Symon de Lena as young Lyndon "Jun-Jun/Batas" Marasigan, Jr.
  • CX Navarro as Preteen Lyndon Juan Batas
  • Elia Ilano as young Corazon "Heart" Cayabyab
  • Cheska Iñigo as Margaret Gutierrez
  • Bugoy Cariño as young Keith
  • Jay Manalo as Keith's Father
  • Ashley Sarmiento as young Isadora "Issa" Sobrevista


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