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Large heath
Common Ringlet (Coenonympha tullia) 02.jpg
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Coenonympha tullia, the large heath or common ringlet, is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. It flies in a variety of grassy habitats, including roadsides, woodland edges and clearings, prairies, bogs, and arctic and alpine taiga and tundra. It is a poor flyer, but can sometimes be found along ditches seeking new grounds. It is a holarctic species found in northern Europe and Asia and across North America. The species was first described by Otto Friedrich Müller in 1764.

Common Ringlet
C. t. inornata, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Common Ringlet, dorsal
Dorsal view


Coenonympha tullia var philoxenus

In alphabetical order:

  • C. t. ampelos (W. H. Edwards, 1871) – northwest common ringlet
  • C. t. benjamini (McDunnough, 1928) – prairie ringlet
  • C. t. brenda
  • C. t. bosniae (Davenport, 1941)
  • C. t. california (Westwood, 1851) – California ringlet
  • C. t. columbiana (McDunnough, 1928) – ringlet
  • C. t. davus (Fabricius, 1777)
  • C. t. elko (W. H. Edwards, 1881)
  • C. t. elwesi (Davenport, 1941)
  • C. t. eryngii (H. Edwards, 1877)
  • C. t. eunomia (Dornfeld, 1967)
  • C. t. furcae (Barnes & Benjamin, 1926)
  • C. t. gliwa
  • C. t. haydenii (W. H. Edwards, 1872) – Hayden's common ringlet
  • C. t. inornata (W. H. Edwards, 1861) – inornate common ringlet
  • C. t. insulanus (McDunnough, 1928) – Vancouver ringlet
  • C. t. kodiak (W. H. Edwards 1869) – Kodiak ringlet
  • C. t. mackenziei (D. Davenport, 1936) – Mackenzie's ringlet
  • C. t. mcisaaci (dos Passos, 1935) – McIsaac's ringlet
  • C. t. mixturata (Alphéraky, 1897)
  • C. t. mono (Burdick, 1942) – (common) ringlet
  • C. t. ochracea (W. H. Edwards, 1861) – ochre (common) ringlet
  • C. t. polydama (Haworth, 1803)
  • C. t. pseudobrenda (Austin & R. Gray, 1998)
  • C. t. scotica (Staudinger, 1901)
  • C. t. sibirica (Davenport, 1941)
  • C. t. subfusca (Barnes & Benjamin, 1926)
  • C. t. suecica (Hemming, 1936)
  • C. t. tullia (Müller, 1764) – common ringlet
  • C. t. viluiensis (Ménétriés, 1859)
  • C. t. yontocket (Porter & Mattoon, 1989) – Yontocket satyr ringlet
  • C. t. yukonensis (W. Holland, 1900) – Yukon common ringlet

Formerly a subspecies:

For more information on subspecies and biology

See also: :de:Großes Wiesenvögelchen
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