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List of Indiana state historical markers in Franklin County facts for kids

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Map of Indiana highlighting Franklin County
Location of Franklin County in Indiana

This is a list of the Indiana state historical markers in Franklin County.

This is intended to be a complete list of the official state historical markers placed in Franklin County, Indiana, United States by the Indiana Historical Bureau. The locations of the historical markers and their latitude and longitude coordinates are included below when available, along with their names, years of placement, and topics as recorded by the Historical Bureau. There are 12 historical markers located in Franklin County.

Historical markers

Marker title Image Year placed Location Topics
Whitewater Canal GordonsLock.JPG ? Northern side of U.S. Route 52 at Gordon's Lock #24 east of Metamora
39°26′49″N 85°7′27.3″W / 39.44694°N 85.124250°W / 39.44694; -85.124250 (Whitewater Canal)
Transportation, Business, Industry, and Labor
Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church.jpg 1949 Northern side of the junction of U.S. Route 52 and Little Cedar Road, 3 miles south of Brookville at Mound Haven
39°23′14″N 84°58′54″W / 39.38722°N 84.98167°W / 39.38722; -84.98167 (Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church)
Religion, Buildings and Architecture
Whetzel Trace (1818-1823) 1965 Junction of Main (State Road 121 and Toner Streets in southern Laurel
39°29′56.4″N 85°11′26.4″W / 39.499000°N 85.190667°W / 39.499000; -85.190667 (Whetzel Trace (1818-1823))
Early Settlement and Exploration, Transportation
Brookville, Franklin County (Platted 1808) Franklin County Courthouse in Brookville.jpg 1966 Northern side of U.S. Route 52 in eastern Brookville
39°24′38″N 85°0′38.7″W / 39.41056°N 85.010750°W / 39.41056; -85.010750 (Brookville, Franklin County (Platted 1808))
Historic District, Neighborhoods, and Towns, Politics
Academy of the Immaculate Conception Convent chapel in Oldenburg, Indiana.jpg 1971 Junction of Washington and Wein Strasse on the grounds of the Academy in Oldenburg
39°20′32″N 85°12′4″W / 39.34222°N 85.20111°W / 39.34222; -85.20111 (Academy of the Immaculate Conception)
Religion, Education
Brookville Historic District Franklin County Seminary.jpg 1992 Western lawn of the Franklin County Courthouse along Main Street (U.S. Route 52/State Road 1) in Brookville
39°25′10″N 85°0′45.6″W / 39.41944°N 85.012667°W / 39.41944; -85.012667 (Brookville Historic District)
Historic District, Neighborhoods, and Towns, Early Settlement and Exploration
Old Franklin United Brethren Church Old Franklin United Brethren Church.jpg 1995 14023 Franklin Church Road near the road's dead end: north of the Mounds State Recreation Area offices, west of State Road 101, and south of Fairfield Causeway Road, near Brookville
39°30′22″N 84°56′54″W / 39.50611°N 84.94833°W / 39.50611; -84.94833 (Old Franklin United Brethren Church)
Religion, Early Settlement and Exploration
Brookville's Carnegie Library Brookville Carnegie Library from southwest.jpg 1995 919 N. Main Street in Brookville
39°25′28.6″N 85°0′44″W / 39.424611°N 85.01222°W / 39.424611; -85.01222 (Brookville's Carnegie Library)
Carnegie Library
Intersection of Treaty Lines 1995 Junction of Castle and St. Marys Roads, about 2 miles west of Brookville
39°24′29″N 85°3′10.6″W / 39.40806°N 85.052944°W / 39.40806; -85.052944 (Intersection of Treaty Lines)
Early Settlement and Exploration, American Indian/Native American
Brookville's Grandstand 2002 Junction of 8th and Mill Streets in the town park in Brookville
39°25′32″N 85°0′29″W / 39.42556°N 85.00806°W / 39.42556; -85.00806 (Brookville's Grandstand)
Sports, Buildings and Architecture
Snow Hill Covered Bridge Snow Hill Covered Bridge.jpg 2005 Carries Snow Hill Road over Johnson Fork near Rockdale
39°19′32″N 84°51′6″W / 39.32556°N 84.85167°W / 39.32556; -84.85167 (Snow Hill Covered Bridge)
Transportation, Buildings and Architecture
Brigadier-General CSA Francis Asbury Shoup 2006 In the Conwell Cemetery along State Road 121 near Laurel
39°30′16″N 85°11′4″W / 39.50444°N 85.18444°W / 39.50444; -85.18444 (Brigadier-General CSA Francis Asbury Shoup)
Military, Education, African American
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