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Tasmania is located south of the mainland of Australia, separated from the state of Victoria by the 240 km wide Bass Strait. Although Tasmania shares most of its fauna with the southern parts of Australia or Australia as a whole, Tasmania's isolation along with its wetter, cooler and cloudier weather caused the evolution of several endemic Tasmanian species and subspecies, butterflies included.

There are thirty-nine species of butterflies found in Tasmania. They are grouped primarily as: skippers, blues, browns, swallowtails and the introduced whites.


Graphium macleayanus
Macleay's swallowtail (Graphium macleayanus), Franklin - Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Tasmania, Australia

family: Papilionidae (swallowtails) — 1 species


genus: Graphium
  • Macleay's swallowtail, Graphium macleayanus (moggana)


Butterfly November 2007-5
Small white

family: Pieridae (whites and yellows) — 4 species


genus: Eurema
  • Small grass yellow, Eurema smilax


genus: Appias
  • Albatross butterfly, Appias paulina
genus: Anaphaeis
  • Caper white, Anaphaeis java
genus: Pieris
  • Small white, Pieris rapae


family: Lycaenidae (gossamer-winged blues and coppers) — 9 species

Zizina labradus-Butterfly-on-Rose SC,-EG-Vic,-23.2.2008
Zizina labradus, the common grass blue perched on a rose


genus: Candalides
  • Blotched blue, Candalides acasta
genus: Lampides
genus: Neolucia
  • Fringed blue, Neolucia agricola
  • Mountain blue, Neolucia hobartensis
  • Mathew's blue, Neolucia mathewi
genus: Theclinesthes
  • Chequered blue, Theclinesthes serpentata
genus: Zizina


genus: Paralucia
  • Bright copper, Paralucia aurifer
genus: Pseudalmenus
  • Tasmanian hairstreak, Pseudalmenus chlorinda (chlorinda)


family: Nymphalidae (brush– or four-footed) — 14 species

Meadow Argus
Junonia villida, the meadow argus


genus: Danaus
  • Lesser wanderer butterfly, Danaus chrysippus
  • Wanderer butterfly, Danaus plexippus


genus: Junonia
genus: Vanessa


Butterfly midflight
Common brown
genus: Argynnina
  • Tasmanian brown, Argynnina hobartia
genus: Geitoneura
genus: Heteronympha
  • Bright-eyed brown, Heteronympha cordace
  • Common brown, Heteronympha merope
  • Shouldered brown, Heteronympha penelope
genus: Nesoxenica
  • Leprea brown, Nesoxenica leprea
genus: Oreixenica
  • Common silver xenica, Oreixenica lathoniella
  • Orichora brown, Oreixenica orichora
  • Ptunarra brown, Oreixenica ptunarra


family: Hesperiidae (skippers) — 11 species

Anisynta dominula (ento-csiro-au)
Anisynta dominula
Green Grass-Dart
Yellow-banded dart
genus: Anisynta
  • Dominula skipper Anisynta dominula
genus: Antipodia
  • Antipodia skipper Antipodia chaostola
genus: Hesperilla
  • Chrysotricha skipper Hesperilla chrysotricha
  • Donnysa skipper Hesperilla donnysa
  • Flame skipper Hesperilla idothea
  • Master's skipper Hesperilla mastersi
genus: Ocybadistes
  • Yellow-banded dart Ocybadistes walkeri
genus: Oreisplanus
  • Marrawah skipper or alpine skipper Oreisplanus munionga
genus: Pasma
  • Tasmanica skipper or two-spotted grass-skipper Pasma tasmanicus
genus: Taractrocera
  • White grassdart Taractrocera papyria
genus: Trapezites
  • Rare white-spot skipper Trapezites lutea
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