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List of cathedrals in Texas facts for kids

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This is a list of cathedrals in the state of Texas, United States:

Municipality Cathedral Image Location & References
Amarillo St. Mary's Cathedral (Roman Catholic) 35°12′11″N 101°50′56″W / 35.20315°N 101.84889°W / 35.20315; -101.84889 (St. Mary's Cathedral (Amarillo, Texas))
Austin St. Mary's Cathedral (Roman Catholic) Saint Marys Cathedral Austin Texas.jpg 30°16′16″N 97°44′23″W / 30.271006°N 97.739663°W / 30.271006; -97.739663 (Cathedral of Saint Mary (Austin, Texas))
Beaumont Saint Anthony Cathedral Basilica (Roman Catholic) Matter Ecclesia.JPG 30°04′40″N 94°06′03″W / 30.077859°N 94.100797°W / 30.077859; -94.100797 (Saint Anthony Cathedral Basilica (Beaumont, Texas))
(Fort Worth area)
St. Vincent's Cathedral (Anglican Church in North America – Episcopal) St. Vincent's Cathedral - Bedford, Texas 03.jpg 32°49′53″N 97°08′27″W / 32.831305°N 97.140805°W / 32.831305; -97.140805 (St. Vincent's Cathedral (Bedford, Texas))
Brownsville Immaculate Conception Cathedral (Roman Catholic) Immaculate Conception Church Brownsville Texas.jpg 25°54′09″N 97°29′46″W / 25.902598°N 97.496093°W / 25.902598; -97.496093 (Immaculate Conception Cathedral (Brownsville, Texas))
Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Cathedral (Roman Catholic) The Corpus Christi cathedral on Upper Broadway in downtown Corpus Christi, TX..jpg 27°47′40″N 97°23′47″W / 27.794314°N 97.396507°W / 27.794314; -97.396507 (Corpus Christi Cathedral (Corpus Christi, Texas))
Dallas Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Roman Catholic) Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe 01.jpg 32°47′19″N 96°47′51″W / 32.788651°N 96.797522°W / 32.788651; -96.797522 (Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe (Dallas, Texas))
Cathedral Church of Saint Matthew (Episcopal) St. Matthew’s Cathedral - Dallas 01.jpg 32°48′30″N 96°46′21″W / 32.808252°N 96.772567°W / 32.808252; -96.772567 (Cathedral Church of Saint Matthew (Dallas, Texas))
St. Seraphim of Sarov Cathedral (Orthodox Church in America) Highland Park July 2016 22 (St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral).jpg 32°49′10″N 96°48′14″W / 32.819428°N 96.8039°W / 32.819428; -96.8039 (St. Seraphim of Sarov Cathedral (Dallas, Texas))
El Paso St. Patrick Cathedral (Roman Catholic) Cathedral Parish of St Pat, El Paso.jpg 31°45′56″N 106°29′35″W / 31.76552°N 106.493008°W / 31.76552; -106.493008 (Cathedral of Saint Patrick (El Paso, Texas))
Fort Worth Saint Patrick Cathedral (Roman Catholic) St. Patrick Cathedral - Fort Worth, Texas 01.jpg 32°44′57″N 97°19′47″W / 32.749305°N 97.32974°W / 32.749305; -97.32974 (St. Patrick Cathedral (Fort Worth, Texas))
Galveston St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica (Roman Catholic) St Mary's Cathedral Basilica, Galveston.jpg 29°18′15″N 94°47′24″W / 29.30427°N 94.790105°W / 29.30427; -94.790105 (St. Mary Cathedral Basilica (Galveston, Texas))
Houston Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral (Roman Catholic) CoCathedralsouthHoustonTexas.JPG 29°44′58″N 95°22′07″W / 29.74945°N 95.368538°W / 29.74945; -95.368538 (Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral (Houston, Texas))
Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal) Christ Church Downtown Houston (HDR).jpg 29°45′34″N 95°21′41″W / 29.759358°N 95.361508°W / 29.759358; -95.361508 (Christ Church Cathedral (Houston, Texas))
Annunciation Cathedral (Greek Orthodox) AnnuncationGreekOrthodoxHouston.JPG 29°44′27″N 95°23′33″W / 29.740915°N 95.392413°W / 29.740915; -95.392413 (Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral (Houston, Texas))
Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham (Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter-Catholic Church) Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham - Houston 01.jpg 29°47′45″N 95°29′00″W / 29.795849°N 95.483340°W / 29.795849; -95.483340 (Cathedral of Our Lady of Walsingham (Houston, Texas))
(Houston area)
St. Matthias Cathedral (Reformed Episcopal Church) St. Matthias Anglican Church - Katy, Texas 01.JPG 29°49′56″N 95°42′28″W / 29.832291°N 95.70769°W / 29.832291; -95.70769 (St. Matthias Anglican Cathedral (Katy, Texas))
Laredo Cathedral of San Agustin (Roman Catholic) San Agustin Cathedral.JPG 27°30′09″N 99°30′20″W / 27.502448°N 99.505491°W / 27.502448; -99.505491 (Cathedral of San Agustin (Laredo, Texas))
Lubbock Christ the King Cathedral (Roman Catholic) Christ the King Cathedral 3 - Lubbock, TX.jpg 33°32′35″N 101°53′56″W / 33.543143°N 101.898982°W / 33.543143; -101.898982 (Cathedral of Christ the King (Lubbock, Texas))
San Angelo Sacred Heart Cathedral (Roman Catholic) Cathedral of the Sacred Heart 4 - San Angelo, TX.JPG 31°27′49″N 100°26′07″W / 31.463536°N 100.435402°W / 31.463536; -100.435402 (Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Angelo, Texas))
San Antonio Cathedral of San Fernando (Roman Catholic) San Fernando Cathedral.jpg 29°25′28″N 98°29′39″W / 29.424567°N 98.494154°W / 29.424567; -98.494154 (Cathedral of San Fernando (San Antonio, Texas))
Tyler Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Roman Catholic) Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - Tyler, Texas 01.jpg 32°20′47″N 95°18′03″W / 32.346381°N 95.300919°W / 32.346381; -95.300919 (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Tyler, Texas))
Victoria Our Lady of Victory Cathedral (Roman Catholic) Cathédrale ND Victoire extérieur 01.jpg 28°49′27″N 96°59′32″W / 28.824269°N 96.9921°W / 28.824269; -96.9921 (Cathedral of Our Lady of Victory (Victoria, Texas))
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