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List of heritage places in Busselton is a list of important places within the City of Busselton as defined by the Western Australian Governments State Heritage Office.


Building SHO
Built Notes Image
Keyser's Cottage 02947 1853 Demolished 1999
Old Butter Factory 03568 1918 currently a museum and home of the Busselton Historical Society Old butter factory gnangarra 04.JPG
Ship Hotel & Barn 00420 1857, 1910 Multiple buildings, currently hotel with accommodation
Prospect Villa 00389 1855 Built by James Chapman, oldest surviving house in Busselton Prospect villa gnangarra 01.JPG
St Davitt's 02936 1896, 1903 Built for Frederick Cammilleri,
discovered gold at Brown Hill, Kalgoorlie
The Retreat (Barnard's House) 00422 1890 Multiple uses over time, residence of George Barnard
Weld Hall Theatre 00404 1874 Mechanics Institute, RSL, Repertory theatre Weld theatre busselton gnangarra 04.JPG
Fairlawn Dwelling 08696
Busselton Jetty 00423 1865–1911 1841 metres in length, damage by Cyclone Alby Busselton jetty gnangarra.JPG
Broadwater Wetlands 13487 freshwater wetlands important nesting site, protected by EPA
St Mary's Anglican Church and Graveyard 00402
built in stages church, Harmonium, bell tower, vestry
John Bussell from whom the area takes its name is buried in the Graveyard
St marys busselton gnangarra 01.JPG
St Mary's Anglican Church rectory 18163 1895 Built in 1895 there are suggestions that its wasn't occupied until 1906 St marys busselton gnangarra 11.JPG
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church Precinct 00409 1933, 1971 Built in 1933 during The Great Depression to replace the former 1866 building
renovated in 1971
St josephs busselton gnangarra 01.JPG
St Joseph's Church (fmr) 00400 1866–68 former church incorporated into shopping complex and youth centre St josephs busselton gnangarra 10.JPG
Villa Carlotta 00386 1896–1904 Convent until sold 1952, since 1952 hotel accommodation Villa carlotta gnangarra.JPG
Old Busselton Cemetery 00406 1847 to 1932 Busselton pioneer cemetery gnangarra 20.JPG
Armstrong Cottage 02929 c1890 Cottage ornée style and former maternity hospital
Busselton Court House and Police Complex 00401 1860 to 1900 now part of the ArtGeo Cultural Complex Busselton courthouse police complex gnangarra 06.JPG
Bovell's Cottage 00385 1882 owned by Joseph Bovell early settler in Busselton area Bovell cottage gnangarra 03.JPG
Site of Bryant Memorial Hall 00396 1873, 1985 Demolished and rebuilt in 1985 incorporating materials from the original building
The Gulch

Police Residence, Bond Store & Custom Officer's Residence

00395 1856
Wonnerup Precinct 00424 1837, 1859
1873, 1875
includes Wonnerup house, Wonnerup School, Teachers cottage Wonnerup house gnangarra 09.JPG
Vasse-Wonnerup Wetlands 05376 1990 Ramsar site 484. Vasse wonnerup wetlands gnangarra.JPG
Office of the Department of Agriculture 00405 1831 Also called Agricultural Bank of Western Australia and Agriculture Western Australia Agriculture WA busselton gnangarra 2.JPG
Lady Campion Hostel 05299 1926 Bush hospital until 1947, in private ownership since Lady campion hostel gnangarra.JPG
Slab Cottage Group, Quindalup 03478 1860 also called Old Quindalup Post Office, Harwoods Cafe, Inlet Villa, Beach Station
Wonnerup Floodgates 05376 1907, 2004 gates built 1907, replaced 2004 Wonnerup floodgates west gnangarra.JPG
Ballarat Bridge & Vasse Floodgates 05376 1871, 1907, 2004 Bridge built in 1871, gates in 1907 both demolished 2004 though the gates were replaced
Ballarat bridge derives its name from the first steam engine that operated on the line
Vasse floodgates gnangarra 21.JPG
Ballarat Engine, Victoria Square 05381 1871 first steam locomotive to operate in Western Australia Ballarat engine gnangarra 03.JPG
Busselton War Memorial 13481 1919–20 crafted by Pietro Porcelli Busselton war memorial gnangarra.JPG
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