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This is a list of heritage places in the Shire of Boddington, Western Australia. The State Register of Heritage Places is maintained by the Heritage Council of Western Australia.

As of 2020, 60 places are heritage-listed in the Shire of Boddington, Asquith Bridge, which was completely destroyed in a bush fire in 2015.


The Western Australian State Register of Heritage Places, as of 2020, lists the following heritage registered places within the Shire of Boddington:

State Register of Heritage Places

State Register of Heritage Places in the Shire of Boddington:

Place name Place # Location Suburb Co-ordinates Built State
Notes Photo
Asquith Bridge 15424 Long Gully Road Quindanning 33°00′37″S 116°16′26″E / 33.01028°S 116.27389°E / -33.01028; 116.27389 (Asquith Bridge) 1949 8 December 2006
  • Also referred to as Banksiadale Sawmill tramway, Timber Company, Tramway Bridge, MRWA 4559, Long Gully Bridge
  • A 28 span, 127.88 metres long, curved timber trestle construction railway bridge across the Murray River
  • Completely destroyed in a bush fire in February 2015, not rebuild

Heritage-listed places

Heritage-listed places in the Shire of Boddington:

Place # Place name Other names Location Suburb or town
166 Boddington Hotel Bannister Rd Boddington
167 Marradong Road Board Office (fmr) Senior Citizens Centre, Old Road Board Office Johnstone St Boddington
168 Red Hill Homestead Williams Rd Marradong
169 Mud Brick Homestead Springfield, Tom Pollards's Homestead (fmr) 6743 Pinjarra-Williams Rd Marradong
170 Marradong Hall - Site of Pinjarra-Williams Rd Marradong
171 St Albans Church & Marradong Graveyard Marradong Church and, Marradong Cemetery Pinjarra-Williams Rd Boddington
3122 Boddington Old School Boddington District School, Boddington Junior School Corner Wuraming Av & Bannister Rd Boddington
3398 Road Bridge over Crossman River Bridge No 0019 Albany Hwy over Collie River Crossman
3952 Boddington Town Hall Marradong Community Hall Johnstone St Cnr Wuraming Av Boddington
4052 Bushy Park Homestead Captain Fawcett's Bushy Park Homestead Boddington
8474 Dilyan's Grave Bannister-Marradong Rd Boddington
8475 Mokine Mokine Homestead Williams Rd Marradong
8476 Boddington Police Station (fmr) Playgroup Centre Wuraming Av Boddington
8477 Farmers' Crossing Brockman's Crossing, Brockman, Farmers' Railway Siding and Goods Shed "Clover Glen", Farmer's Av Mokine/Boddington
15406 Camballing Road Bridge - old and current bridges MRWA 407 current bridge Pinjarra-Williams Rd Hotham River
15631 Boddington War Memorial (all wars) Bannister St, Boddington Memorial Pk Boddington
16221 Rowell's House site & Shearing Shed Marradong-Quindanning Rd Quindanning
17410 Boddington Police Station Johnstone St Boddington
17633 Jarrah Tree Mort's Rd Boddington
17634 Tomato Tony's Cottage - Ranford lot 42 Cowcher Rd Ranford
17635 Railway Line Precinct - Boddington to Dwellingup Boddington to Dwellingup
17636 First meeting of the Road Board (site) East of Pinjarra-Williams Rd Marradong
17637 Banksiadale Bush Camp Mrs Le Merciers Farm (fmr), Tulmo Pine Planta, Banksiadale Single Men's Camp (fmr) 1km south of the Harvey Quindanning Rd Banksiadale
17638 Jack Hare's Grave 1 km south of Boddingtom Boddington
17639 Stagbouer's Timber Mill (fmr) Millar's Mill (site) off Hill St Boddington
17640 Gordon's Peg Factory (fmr) Hotham Av Boddington
17644 A. H. Gordon & Sons Timber Mill (site) Coops' Mill off Hotham Av Boddington
17645 Industrial Extracts Office & Factory (site) Tannin Factory 3 Tannin Pl Ranford
17646 Mooliaman's Reserve Crossman Rd Boddington
17647 Mooliman's Tank Crossman Rd Boddington
17648 Farmers River Crossing (fmr) footbridge Palmer Rd Boddington
17649 Shepherd's Hut (site) Boddington
17650 Hillside Homestead (fmr) Boddington
17651 Hotham River Homestead 'Cloverglen', Farmers Av Boddington
17652 George Farmer's House Boddington
17653 Hope Cottage (Boddington) Farmers Av Boddington
17654 Wayside Cottage (site) Boddington
17655 Trentholme Teacher's House (fmr for Hotham River School) Farmers Av Boddington
17656 Hotham River School (site) Palmers Rd Boddington
17657 Marradong School (site) Pinjarra-Williams Rd Marradong
17658 Boddington District Hospital Cottage Hospital, Nurses' Quarters 53 Hotham Av Boddington
17659 RSL Hall 58 Hotham Av Boddington
17660 George Charlton's House (fmr) 19 Bannister Rd Boddington
17661 Shop Precinct Bannister Rd Boddington
17662 St James' Church of England Church Hall Ranford Boarding House (fmr) Hill St Hotham Av Boddington
17663 Infant Health Clinic (fmr) Medical Centre 31 Bannister Rd Boddington
17664 Hall's Cottage 27 Johnstone St Boddington
17665 Laura Hotel (fmr) Marradong hotel Pinjarra-Williams Rd Marradong
17666 Tullis Mill (site) situated 2.4km west of Tullis Siding Boddington
17667 Tullis Bridge across the Hotham River Boddington
17811 Hotham River Homestead Group around Farmers Av Boddington
17812 Boddington Public Buildings Group Johnstone Street Marradong
18454 Mount Wells Fire Tower Boddington
23676 Lion's Weir Wuraming Av Boddington
23884 Boddington Rodeo Grounds Hakea Rd Boddington
23911 Camballing Marradong School (site) Lot 11899 Pinjarra-Williams Rd Marradong
23924 Monday's Store site Pinjarra-Williams Rd Marradong
25382 House, 39 Hotham Avenue, Boddington 39 Hotham Avenue Boddington
26118 Bridge 3084, Crossman Road, Boddington Crossman Rd Boddington
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