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List of tallest buildings in Tacoma, Washington facts for kids

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Tacoma skyline from McKinley Way (20249000165)
View of Downtown Tacoma from the south

This list of the tallest buildings in Tacoma, Washington ranks the tallest buildings in Tacoma, Washington by height. The tallest building in Tacoma is the 338-foot (103 m) 1201 Pacific (formerly Wells Fargo Plaza). Tacoma is the 3rd largest city in Washington and part of the Seattle metropolitan area; its buildings rank below those in Seattle and Bellevue. The city has two buildings that are over 240 feet (73 m) in height.

Tallest buildings

The following list ranks the tallest buildings in Tacoma by height. All the buildings on this list stand at least 200 ft (61 m) tall. The list includes the rank of the building, the name of the building, the height of the building in feet and meters, the amount of floors the building has, the year the building built, and notes.

Rank Name Image Height
ft (m)
Floors Year Notes Ref
1 1201 Pacific Wells Fargo Plaza from Commerce Street, Tacoma.jpg 338 (103) 25 1970 Tallest building in Tacoma.
Formerly Wells Fargo Plaza.
2 Hotel Murano Hotel Murano, Tacoma - 2017.jpg 278 (84.7) 26 1984
3 Tacoma Convention Center Hotel 264 (80.5) 21 2019 (Topped out)
4 Washington Building Washington Building, Tacoma - 2017.jpg 237 (72.3) 17 1925
5 Tacoma Municipal Building Tacoma Municipal Building, 2017.jpg 233 (71) 15 1931 Originally the Rhodes Medical Arts Building; purchased by the city in 1977. Now houses city hall and is a registered city landmark. Art deco exterior and interior, marble lobby with three-story spiral staircase.
6 Key Bank Tower Key Bank Center, Tacoma - 2017.jpg 232 (70.7) 17 1911 Tallest building in Tacoma from 1911 to 1970.
This building was renovated between 1999 and 2001.
7 Tacoma Financial Center Mount Rainier, Tacoma Financial Center and Murano Hotel.jpg 230 (70.1) 17 1983
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