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Little Mouse on the Prairie
Genre Comedy
Created by Betty Birney
Stephen Cosgrove (Original Books)
Developed by Betty Birney
Directed by Arne Wong
Opening theme "Little Mouse on Prairie"
Composer(s) Shuki Levy
Cashier Machi
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (each containing 2)
Executive producer(s) Eric S. Rollman
Joel Andryc
Shea PaiChuan
Qu JianZhong Voice Director & Casting = Doug Stone
Producer(s) Eric S. Rollman
Kurt Weldon
QuJian Fang
Running time 20 min (part 8-11 min)
Production company(s) Saban Entertainment
Afanti International Animation Corp.
Distributor Saban International
Original network CCTV
Original release 1996 (1996)

Little Mouse on the Prairie (Chinese: 大草原上的小老鼠; pinyin: Dàcǎoyuán Shàng De Xiǎo Lǎoshǔ) is a 52 episodes animated series made by the cooperation of the US and China, loosely based on the Serendipity book by Stephen Cosgrove with the same title. The story features a city mouse named Osgood Dee who just moved to the countryside Squeaky Corners to live at his uncle's farm. Each show focuses on Osgood Dee and a group of animal friends he met at the farm.

This is the second adaptation of a Serendipity book as the first adaptation was the 1983 anime series Serendipity the Pink Dragon.



  • Osgood Dee (Chinese: 奥斯谷)- Main character of the series. Leader of his friends.
  • Tweezle Dee (Chinese: 特薇佐)- Osgood's cousin.
  • Blossom (Chinese: 布劳森) - A rabbit. In love with Osgood.
  • Jeremiah (Chinese: 杰瑞迈) - A frog.
  • Flaps (Chinese: 弗莱普) - A duck.
  • Sweeny (Chinese: 斯威尼) - A weasel.


  • B.C. - A fat cat
  • Cal - B.C.'s roommate, a thin cat


  • R.D. - Osgood's uncle and Tweezle's father.
  • Molly Dee - Osgood's aunt and Tweezle's mother.
  • Betty Dee - Tweezle's baby sister.
  • Grandpa Whiskers - An old wise mouse.


No. Title Written by Original air date
1 "The Whole Toot / Treasure Hunt" TBA 1996 (1996)
2 "All's Fair / Down the Creek" TBA 1996 (1996)
3 "A Pair of Spectacles / Popularity Contest" TBA 1996 (1996)
4 "Get a Job / Shut My Mouth" TBA 1996 (1996)
5 "Follow That Leader / Little Green Riding Hood" TBA 1996 (1996)
6 "Quack Up / Spring Cleaning" TBA 1996 (1996)
7 "Blossom Cries Wolf / Osgood the Snowman" TBA 1996 (1996)
8 "The More the Merrier / Fiddlin' Around" TBA 1996 (1996)
9 "Rain, Rain Go Away / Growing Like Crazy" TBA 1996 (1996)
10 "Fangs a Lot / Handyman Cal" TBA 1996 (1996)
11 "Going Bats / Osgood & the Beanstalk" TBA 1996 (1996)
12 "Junkyard Genius / Fright Night" TBA 1996 (1996)
13 "Nuts to You / The Best Gift of All" TBA 1996 (1996)
14 "Surprised Party / To Catch a Thief" TBA 1996 (1996)
15 "A Camping We Will Go / Lady For a Day" TBA 1996 (1996)
16 "A Clothes Call / Forget Me Not" TBA 1996 (1996)
17 "The Creature of Crawdaddy Creek / Pa's Little Helpers" Betty G. Birney 1996 (1996)
  • Overhearing a ghost story, B.C. and Cal scare away the Prairie residents for easy pickings, so Osgood and his friends decide to get even.

Osgood and his friends do some farm chores for a tired R.D. while having fun. When R.D. inspects their handiwork, he finds they have made messes in the process.

18 "A Fishy Story / Scaredy Cats" TBA 1996 (1996)
19 "Up, Up and Away / Peas and Thank You" TBA 1996 (1996)
20 "Bitty's Big Adventure / Dear Patches" TBA 1996 (1996)
21 "Radish Rivals / No Bones About It" TBA 1996 (1996)
  • Given by R.D. the responsibility of their own radish patches, Osgood competes with his scientific methods against Tweezle's common sense methods.
22 "Barnyard Circus / B.C. and the Magic Lamp" TBA 1996 (1996)
23 "Stage Struck / Lemonade Wars" TBA 1996 (1996)
24 "Call of the Wild / Squeaky Corners Cook-Off" TBA 1996 (1996)
25 "Batter Up / Rock Star" TBA 1996 (1996)
26 "Thanks For Giving / Home Again" TBA 1996 (1996)

DVD releases

In 2004, 2 DVDs which each contained 3 episodes were released in German. The release of the rest of the series is unknown.

In 2011, the series was released on DVD (, Region ALL, NTSC format) in China. A set of 5 disc features all episodes in Mandarin Chinese dialogue or English language and with optional Chinese subtitles.

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