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Lora is a female given name and family name in the Spanish language of French origin.

As a given name, Lora may also be a variant of Laura or derived from an Italian hypocoristic of either Eleonora or Loredana.

People with the given name Lora

  • Lora (singer) (born 1982), Romanian singer
  • Lora Aborn (1907-2005), American composer
  • Lora Aroyo, Dutch computer scientist
  • Lora Beldon, American artist-curator
  • Lora L. Corum (1899-1949), American co-winner
  • Lora Fachie (born 1988), English racing cyclist
  • Lora Fairclough (born 1970), English professional golfer
  • Lora Lee Gayer (born 1988), American actress
  • Lora Grosu (born 1959), Moldovan politician
  • Lora Hirschberg (born 1963), American sound engineer
  • Lora Hooper, American biologist
  • Lora Hubbel, American politician
  • Lora Johnson, American author
  • Lora Lazar, Bulgarian crime writer
  • Lora Leigh (born 1965), American author
  • Lora Logic (born 1960), British saxophonist
  • Lora La Mance (born 1857), American writer
  • Lora Marx (1900-1989), American sculptor
  • Lora Lee Michel (born 1940), American actress
  • Lora Ottenad (born 1964), American professional bodybuilder
  • Lora Petrova (born 1998), Bulgarian footballer
  • Lora Reinbold (born 1964), American politician
  • Lora Romero (1960-1997), American assistant professor
  • Lora Storey (born 1989), Australian middle-distance runner
  • Lora Webster (born 1986), American Paralympic volleyballist
  • Lora Yakovleva (born 1932), Russian chess grandmaster

People with the surname Lora

  • Alan Loras, is a Bolivian footballer.
  • Alberto Lora Ramos (born 1987), Spanish football player
  • Alex Lora (born 1952), Mexican musician and composer
  • Carmen Josefina Lora Iglesias (1940 – 1999), was a Dominican revolutionary and lawyer.
  • Enrique Lora (born 1945), Star Spanish Football player for Sevilla FC in the 1970s
  • Fabiano Bolla Lora (born 1977), a Brazilian former footballer who played as a goalkeeper.
  • Filippo Lora (born 1993), Italian Football player of Spanish descent playing for Ravenna F.C.
  • Francisco Augusto Lora, former vice president of the Dominican Republic and presidential candidate
  • Guillermo Lora (1922-2009), Trotskyist leader in Bolivia
  • Johan Lora (Born 1982), Dominican international footballer
  • Luis Eduardo Lora (born 1986), Colombian football player.
  • Mathias Loras (1792-1858), French priest, first Bishop of the Dubuque Diocese
  • Manny Lora (born 1991), American baseball coach and former pitcher.
  • Marie Lora-Mungai, French producer, writer and show runner.
  • Miguel "Happy" Lora (born 1961), Colombian boxer
  • Ñico Lora (1880-1971), Dominican, father of Merengue music
  • Saturnino and Mariano Lora, Cuban brothers, war heroes
  • Yelitza Lora, Dominican TV & Radio host and actress


  • Lora (Lydia), a town of ancient Lydia, now in Turkey
  • Lora, Norway, a village in Lesja municipality in Oppland
  • Lora, Chile a town on the Mataquito River, Chile
  • Lora, a frazioni in the municipality of Campegine, Italy
  • Lora (Split), a neighborhood and naval base in Split, Croatia
  • Lora, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a village and union council in Pakistan
  • Lora River, Pakistan
  • Lora de Estepa, a municipality in the province of Seville, Spain
  • Lora del Río, a municipality in the province of Seville, Spain
  • Loras College, a four-year Catholic university located in Dubuque, Iowa
  • Falls of Lora, a tidal race which forms at the mouth of Loch Etive, Scotland
  • Sargentes de la Lora, a municipality located in the province of Burgos, Castile and León, Spain.


  • Lora or Leptophis ahaetulla, a Parrot Snake found in northern South America and Trinidad and Tobago
  • Grey Lora or Leptophis stimsoni, a small snake which is endemic to Trinidad and Tobago
  • Lora (genus), a gastropod genus of the Turridae family


  • LORA (missile), a theatre quasiballistic missile produced in Israel
  • LORA, an acronym for Level of Repair Analysis
  • LoRa, a low power wireless communication technology
  • LORA, an acronym for "Logic Of Rational Agents", see BDI Software Agents


  • Lora, an Ancient Roman term for a wine substitute later known as piquette
  • Lora (film), a 2007 Hungarian film

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