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Lure may refer to:


  • Lure (falconry), a chase object used in falconry
  • Fishing lure, an object to attract fish
  • Lur or Lure, a musical instrument



  • Lurë, a municipality in the Dibër district, in Albania
  • Lurë National Park


United States

Film and television

  • The Lure (1933 film), a 1933 British film
  • The Lure (2015 film), a 2015 Polish film
  • "The Lure", a 1967 episode of Gunsmoke


  • The Lure, a 1912 book by Lady E. S. Drower
  • The Lure, a 1979 book by Felice Picano
  • The Lure, a 2002 book by Bill Napier
  • Lure, a 2003 book by Dilys Rose
  • The Lure, a 2014 book by Lynne Ewing

Other uses

  • Lure (horse), a racehorse
  • Laboratoire pour l'utilisation du rayonnement électromagnétique, the operator of the SOLEIL synchrotron in Orsay, France

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