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Mai Safoora Qadiriyya
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Jarala, {in Mughal Empire / Durrani Empire (1747–1826)}
Died 1795
Other names 'Rabia Zaman'
Education Religious Education
Occupation Agriculture
Era Durrani Empire (1747–1826)
Known for Sufism, Miracles, Piousness
Spouse(s) Khwaja Noor Muhammad
Children Saleh Muhammad Safoori (son), Saleha (daughter
Parent(s) Rustam Ali
Family Farooqi Qadiri

Rabia Zaman Mai Safoora Qadiriyya (r.a) (رابعہ زماں حضرت مائی صفورہ قادریہ رحہ) or Mai Safoora was a holy Sufi lady of southern Punjab. Her modesty and piousness are described by many contemporary historians. Her Sufi position was accepted by the poet Ali Haider who previously believed that "a woman can't become Sufi"


She was born in Jarala (a place in present Punjab, Pakistan)

At the time of her birth, the Punjab was under the Mughal Empire. But after the death of Nader Shah, Ahmad Shah Durrani the Afghan in 1747 became the Padshah (King) and most of the area was ceded to him along with Sindh by the weak Mughals, in order to save themselves from Afghan attack. This was the foundation of the Afghan Durrani Empire which remained in power from 1747 until 1826. This period also coincided with much of her life, by and large

She was supposedly married to one Khawaja Noor Muhammad and had two children by him. Whilst living a normal domestic life, she also practiced her ascetic beliefs and was very pious and devoted to prayer. In time, it is claimed she performed several miracles and attained to a high degree of faith


She had two children Saleh Muhammad Safoori (son), Saleha (daughter) The descendents of Saleh Muhammad Safoori are still living in same area where she was born, lived and died.

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