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Mimulus latidens
Scientific classification
M. latidens
Binomial name
Mimulus latidens
(A.Gray) Greene

Mimulus latidens is a species of monkeyflower known by the common name broadtooth monkeyflower.

It is native to the valleys and coastal mountains of Northern through Southern California and of Baja California state in Mexico. It grows in seasonally moist areas, such as vernal pools.


Mimulus latidens is an annual herb producing a thin, branching stem reaching a maximum height near 27 centimeters. The leaves are lance-shaped to oval, with some located in a basal rosette and smaller ones paired along the stem.

The tubular base of each flower is encapsulated in a ribbed calyx of sepals which swells as the fruit matures. The flower is up to a centimeter long, just a few millimeters wide at the mouth, and pink, white, or occasionally yellow in color.

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