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Mongolian hamster
Conservation status
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The Mongolian hamster (Allocricetulus curtatus) is a species of rodent in the family Cricetidae. It is one of two members of the genus Allocricetulus, the other being the Eversmann's hamster. It is found in China and Mongolia.

A young mongolian hamster is called a "pup", while an adult male is called a "buck" and an adult female is called a "doe". A group of them is a "horde".

Description and behavior

The Mongolian hamster is a small rodent, weighing between 20-50 grams. It has a brownish-grey fur with a white belly and a short tail. It is a nocturnal animal and is active at night. It is known to hibernate during the winter months. The Mongolian hamster is a wild hamster and cannot be tamed.


The Mongolian hamster is an herbivore and feeds on seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Conservation status

Currently the Mongolian hamster isn't endangered but if natural water resources are removed they could become endangered.

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