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Motorbike frog
Litoria moorei brown.JPG
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Litoria moorei distrib.PNG
Distribution of Litoria moorei
  • Ranoidea moorei
  • Hyla moorei
  • Dryopsophus moorei

The motorbike frog, also called Moore's frog, western green and golden bell frog, and bull frog (Litoria moorei), is a frog from southwestern Australia.

These frogs can be up to 7.8 cm long. They can come in different colors from brown to green and parts of their skin turn yellow if they sit in the sunlight. They have light green or light brown bellies. They have a stripe over each eyelid that goes past the ear to the top of the front leg.

They lay their eggs in bunches stuck to plants under water. The tadpoles can be 8 cm long and are dark brown. They grow into frogs in March and April, late summer. Some tadpoles stay tadpoles longer, for 14 months and can grow to be 14 cm long before turning into frogs.

The tadpoles eat algae and the adults eat arthropods, such as insects, and sometimes young motorbike frogs.

Although this frog can climb trees, it mostly lives on the ground, so not all scientists call it a tree frog.

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