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Mouse and Mole
Genre Animation
Created by Joyce Dunbar (Books)
Directed by Joy Whitby
Voices of Richard Briers (Mouse)
Alan Bennett (Mole)
Imelda Staunton (shrew) (rat) (hedgehog) (rabbit)
Composer(s) John Baird
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 19
Producer(s) Ben Baird
Clive Juster
Running time 10 minutes
Production company(s) Grasshopper studios
Original network CBBC

Mouse and Mole is a 1996 British television series devised by Joy Whitby's Grasshopper Productions. It was based on the series of children's books written by Joyce Dunbar and illustrated by James Mayhew which were first published in 1993. Originally envisaged as 26 x 5 minute episodes, only 19 were ever finished, although the soundtracks for the remaining seven episodes, created by Ben Baird at Aquarium Studios are still in existence.

The Characters of Mouse and Mole were played by Richard Briers and Alan Bennett respectively. The character of Mole was originally to be played by Stephen Fry, but shortly before the recording session, Fry became unavailable, and Alan Bennett stepped in on the proviso that he would step aside should Fry become available.

In 2013 Grasshopper Productions in partnership with Baird TV and Clive Juster and Associates, created a 28-minute Christmas Special entitled "Mouse and Mole at Christmas Time". Richard Briers and Alan Bennett are joined by Imelda Staunton for this one-off 'special', screened in December 2013 on BBC television.


# Title Summary Air Date
1 Hip-Dip-Dip Mole wants to buy a toy boat, but he can't choose which color he wants. When Mole makes his decision, it has already been bought, by Mouse.
2 The Hammock Mouse builds a hammock, but Mole tries it first and has Mouse waiting on him, until the hammock breaks.
3 Spectacles Mouse tries to find Mole his spectacles, but what he finds are not the right pairs.
4 Catch a Falling Leaf Mouse and Mole go in the forest hoping to catch a falling leaf.
5 Half a Banana Mole leaves his half eaten stuff around the house, which Mouse eats for himself.
6 A Frisky Fluttery Ghost
7 A Fresh Start Mole says that he and Mouse see each other way too much, and suggests that for one day, pretend like they've never met. It all goes downhill from there, until they reunite.
8 Preposterous Puddle Mouse plays with his stick Humphrey and Mole plays with his puddle Preposterous.
9 Pebbles As Mouse and Mole throw pebbles in the pond, they start to feel upset until they understand what something special is.
10 The Picnic Mouse and Mole go out for a picnic, but Mole doesn't feel prepared for the day, so Mouse has the picnic without him.
11 Whiskers Dissatisfied with his looks, Mole accidentally cuts all his whiskers.
12 Atishoo!
13 Talk to Me Mole is very quiet and says little to Mouse then spends the next day eating.
14 Tidying Up Mole goes on a diet and spends the day with Mouse tidying up, but they take the mess from one room to another.
15 Stuff Mouse and Mole throw away their extra stuff and take it to the dump, but Mole brings other stuff back home.
16 Least Expecting Mouse and Mole try not to expect exciting things. Little does Mole know that it is his birthday.
17 Daffodil Mouse and Mole admire a daffodil in their garden, but Mole picks it and becomes distressed until he finds another daffodil.
18 A Sad Moment Mole is sad when his happiest moment in life is over and Mouse tries to cheer him up.
19 The Secret of Happiness Mole dreams about the secret to happiness, but is upset when he forgets it when he wakes up.
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