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Map of Minnesota highlighting Anoka County
Location of Anoka County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Anoka County, Minnesota. It is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Anoka County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 18 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. One property that was once listed has been removed.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Anoka Post Office
Anoka Post Office
December 31, 1979
300 E. Main St.
45°11′52″N 93°23′13″W / 45.197677°N 93.386863°W / 45.197677; -93.386863 (Anoka Post Office)
Anoka 1916 Georgian Revival post office, Anoka's oldest surviving public building and most architecturally significant non-residential property.
2 Anoka-Champlin Mississippi River Bridge
Anoka-Champlin Mississippi River Bridge
December 31, 1979
U.S. Route 169 over Mississippi River
45°11′31″N 93°23′43″W / 45.191814°N 93.395247°W / 45.191814; -93.395247 (Anoka-Champlin Mississippi River Bridge)
Anoka 1929 example of the open-spandrel concrete arch bridges developed in the Twin Cities area in the late 1920s; also noted for providing a key connection between two river communities. Extends into Hennepin County.
3 Banfill Tavern
Banfill Tavern
December 12, 1976
6666 E. River Rd.
45°05′21″N 93°16′37″W / 45.089058°N 93.276852°W / 45.089058; -93.276852 (Banfill Tavern)
Fridley One of Anoka County's earliest and best-preserved frame Greek Revival houses, built in 1847. Now the Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts, a non-profit art center.
4 Carlos Avery Game Farm
Carlos Avery Game Farm
August 9, 1991
5463 W. Broadway
45°17′18″N 93°07′46″W / 45.288305°N 93.129532°W / 45.288305; -93.129532 (Carlos Avery Game Farm)
Columbus One of the nation's foremost game farms upon its establishment, and one of Minnesota's first large wildlife management projects, with 14 contributing properties built 1936–38. Also noted for its unusual use of Colonial Revival architecture.
5 Colonial Hall and Masonic Lodge No. 30
Colonial Hall and Masonic Lodge No. 30
December 31, 1979
1900 3rd Ave., S.
45°11′49″N 93°23′12″W / 45.197032°N 93.386709°W / 45.197032; -93.386709 (Colonial Hall and Masonic Lodge No. 30)
Anoka 1904 house/office of doctor couple Alanson and Flora Aldrich, local medical and civic leaders; expanded after their deaths with a 1922 Masonic Temple. Also noted as Anoka's best-preserved example of a Georgian Revival house designed by Frederick Marsh.
6 Crescent Grange Hall No. 512
Crescent Grange Hall No. 512
December 26, 1979
West of Martin Lake on Typo Lake Rd.
45°23′04″N 93°06′00″W / 45.384372°N 93.099915°W / 45.384372; -93.099915 (Crescent Grange Hall No. 512)
East Bethel vicinity Early Minnesota example of a Grange hall, built 1881–82.
7 District No. 28 School
District No. 28 School
December 27, 1979
14100 St. Francis Boulevard, NW.
45°13′37″N 93°23′55″W / 45.22693°N 93.398638°W / 45.22693; -93.398638 (District No. 28 School)
Ramsey 1892 one-room schoolhouse representing an 1880s–1890s expansion of public buildings across rural Anoka County. Also noted as one of the county's few brick buildings. Later used as Ramsey Town Hall.
8 Jackson Hotel
Jackson Hotel
December 8, 1978
214 Jackson St.
45°11′55″N 93°23′19″W / 45.19852°N 93.388569°W / 45.19852; -93.388569 (Jackson Hotel)
Anoka Prominent hotel in operation 1884–1975, a reminder of Anoka's reconstruction following a major 1884 fire and of its role as a trade center.
9 Porter Kelsey House
Porter Kelsey House
December 26, 1979
14853 N. 7th Ave.
45°14′27″N 93°22′37″W / 45.240736°N 93.377049°W / 45.240736; -93.377049 (Porter Kelsey House)
Andover Brick company owner's 1887 house, noted for its association with Anoka County's brickmaking industry and as a well-preserved 19th-century rural residence with Italianate architecture elements.
10 Kline Sanatarium
Kline Sanatarium
December 26, 1979
1500 S. Ferry St.
45°11′35″N 93°23′36″W / 45.193135°N 93.393271°W / 45.193135; -93.393271 (Kline Sanatarium)
Anoka Anoka's first hospital, in operation 1902–1935, and prominent symbol of the city's early reputation for a healthy environment and top-tier medical care.
11 H. G. Leathers House
H. G. Leathers House
December 26, 1979
22957 Rum River Boulevard
45°23′10″N 93°21′31″W / 45.386011°N 93.358682°W / 45.386011; -93.358682 (H. G. Leathers House)
St. Francis c. 1883 house moved and expanded c. 1890, associated with three generations of an influential local family. Also noted as one of Anoka County's few Victorian houses.
12 Riverside Hotel
Riverside Hotel
December 26, 1979
3631 Bridge St.
45°23′14″N 93°21′31″W / 45.387256°N 93.358646°W / 45.387256; -93.358646 (Riverside Hotel)
St. Francis Only surviving commercial building dating to the settlement of lumber boomtown St. Francis; a house built c. 1860 expanded into lodging for lumber and mill workers. Now the Rum River Inn restaurant.
13 Shaw-Hammons House
Shaw-Hammons House
December 26, 1979
302 Fremont St.
45°11′52″N 93°23′43″W / 45.197726°N 93.395223°W / 45.197726; -93.395223 (Shaw-Hammons House)
Anoka 1852 house expanded in 1870, associated with local settlement through its succession of notable early owners, and Anoka's best-preserved example of Greek Revival architecture.
14 Sparre Barn
Sparre Barn
January 10, 1980
20071 Nowthen Boulevard
45°20′05″N 93°28′09″W / 45.334679°N 93.469279°W / 45.334679; -93.469279 (Sparre Barn)
Nowthen Well-preserved example, built 1917–1924, of a round barn, of Anoka County's dairy barns, and of local architect Ernest Marsh's barn designs.
15 Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church
December 26, 1979
2200 Swedish Dr., NE.
45°17′37″N 93°12′44″W / 45.293581°N 93.212232°W / 45.293581; -93.212232 (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Ham Lake Well-preserved 1872 church representing the Swedish American heritage of Anoka County's largest immigrant settlement.
16 Heman L. Ticknor House
Heman L. Ticknor House
December 27, 1979
1625 3rd Ave., S.
45°11′38″N 93°23′18″W / 45.19382°N 93.388311°W / 45.19382; -93.388311 (Heman L. Ticknor House)
Anoka House associated with three generations of an influential local family and three architectural styles, juxtaposing an 1867 Gothic Revival core with an elaborate 1901 Queen Anne/Neoclassical remodeling. Now a bed and breakfast.
17 Windego Park Auditorium/Open Air Theater
Windego Park Auditorium/Open Air Theater
January 8, 1980
Between S. Ferry St. and the Rum River
45°11′50″N 93°23′36″W / 45.197301°N 93.393263°W / 45.197301; -93.393263 (Windego Park Auditorium/Open Air Theater)
Anoka Remains of a 1914 open-air theatre unique in Minnesota, a late City Beautiful movement project and a venue for local events up to 1938. A colorful canvas awning system, since removed, was designed by Purcell & Elmslie.
18 Woodbury House
Woodbury House
December 26, 1979
1632 S. Ferry St.
45°11′42″N 93°23′36″W / 45.194929°N 93.393233°W / 45.194929; -93.393233 (Woodbury House)
Anoka House reflecting Anoka's first years through its association with town developer Dwight Woodbury and the Federal/Greek Revival architecture of its 1857 original section. Now The Mad Hatter Restaurant & Tea Room.

Former listing

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Richardson Barn
December 26, 1979
August 9, 2016
22814 Sunrise Rd., NE.
45°22′57″N 93°02′49″W / 45.3825°N 93.046944°W / 45.3825; -93.046944 (Richardson Barn)
East Bethel vicinity Log barn built c. 1870 for hay storage, representing Anoka County's basic early structures and its leading cash crop from the 1860s to the 1940s. Demolished in the late 1990s.
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