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Location of Eau Claire County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 62 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Another two properties were once listed but have been removed.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 24, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Brady Anderson and Waldemar Ager House
Brady Anderson and Waldemar Ager House
02000-03-16March 16, 2000
514 W. Madison St.
44°48′57″N 91°30′50″W / 44.815833°N 91.513889°W / 44.815833; -91.513889 (Brady Anderson and Waldemar Ager House)
Eau Claire Carpenter Brady Anderson built this ornate Victorian house between 1892 and 1894 for his own family. Norwegian-American writer Waldemar Ager bought the house in 1903, and wrote and raised his family there.
2 James Barber House
James Barber House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
132 Marston Ave.
44°48′15″N 91°29′45″W / 44.804167°N 91.495833°W / 44.804167; -91.495833 (James Barber House)
Eau Claire Tudor Revival house designed by Harry Wild Jones and built around 1904. Barber was an executive of the Northwestern Lumber Company, involved in other Eau Claire businesses, and a defendant in a case about logging public land in Idaho that went to the Supreme Court.
3 Barnes Block
Barnes Block
01982-01-22January 22, 1982
15-21 S. Barstow St.
44°48′46″N 91°30′04″W / 44.812778°N 91.501111°W / 44.812778; -91.501111 (Barnes Block)
Eau Claire 1893 Romanesque Revival building, also known as Chippewa Valley Bank, and Cameron-Drummond-Slagsvold Building.
4 Martin Van Buren Barron House
Martin Van Buren Barron House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
221 Washington St.
44°48′15″N 91°29′33″W / 44.804167°N 91.4925°W / 44.804167; -91.4925 (Martin Van Buren Barron House)
Eau Claire Carpenter Gothic house built in 1871 for Barron, who operated an early flour and feed store, then worked for the Rust-Owen lumber company.
5 Einar and Alice Borton House
Einar and Alice Borton House
02013-07-23July 23, 2013
1819 Lyndale Avenue
44°48′23″N 91°28′31″W / 44.806358°N 91.475199°W / 44.806358; -91.475199 (Einar and Alice Borton House)
Eau Claire Lustron house, (inexpensive, prefabricated, enameled-steel) built in 1949. Einar was a teller at American National Bank and Trust.
6 Sarge Boyd Bandshell
Sarge Boyd Bandshell
02003-09-02September 2, 2003
First Ave., Owen Park
44°48′19″N 91°29′58″W / 44.805278°N 91.499444°W / 44.805278; -91.499444 (Sarge Boyd Bandshell)
Eau Claire Designed by Alex Garnock and built in 1938 by the WPA to accommodate the popularity of the Eau Claire Municipal Band, the bandshell was dedicated in 1992 to Donald I. "Sarge" Boyd in recognition of the profound influence his half century of musical leadership had on the cultural development of the Chippewa Valley.
7 Orlando Brice House
Orlando Brice House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
120 Marston Ave.
44°48′14″N 91°29′47″W / 44.803889°N 91.496389°W / 44.803889; -91.496389 (Orlando Brice House)
Eau Claire Georgian Revival home of an executive of the Wisconsin Refrigerator Company, built 1918.
8 California Wine and Liquor Store
California Wine and Liquor Store
01982-03-01March 1, 1982
201 Farmers St.
44°36′03″N 90°57′55″W / 44.600833°N 90.965278°W / 44.600833; -90.965278 (California Wine and Liquor Store)
Fairchild 1896 brick commercial building.
9 Carson Park Baseball Stadium
Carson Park Baseball Stadium
02003-07-25July 25, 2003
Carson Park Dr., Carson Park
44°48′26″N 91°31′14″W / 44.807222°N 91.520556°W / 44.807222; -91.520556 (Carson Park Baseball Stadium)
Eau Claire The stadium, constructed as a WPA project in 1936 from Downsville sandstone, hosted the Eau Claire Bears and a young Hank Aaron.
10 Clarence Chamberlin House
Clarence Chamberlin House
02000-01-27January 27, 2000
322 W. Grand Ave.
44°48′31″N 91°30′22″W / 44.808611°N 91.506111°W / 44.808611; -91.506111 (Clarence Chamberlin House)
Eau Claire Chamberlin came to Eau Claire in 1856 as a salesman for the Ingram and Kennedy Lumber company. He built this house in 1881 in Second Empire style. After a fire he added Queen Anne and Classical Revival elements.
11 Pearl and Eva Chambers House
Pearl and Eva Chambers House
02012-01-12January 12, 2012
1615 State St.
44°47′54″N 91°29′41″W / 44.798441°N 91.494732°W / 44.798441; -91.494732 (Pearl and Eva Chambers House)
Eau Claire 1928 Colonial Revival home. Pearl was the vice-president of the New Dells Lumber Company.
12 Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad Depot
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad Depot
01985-10-24October 24, 1985
324 Putnam Ave.
44°49′00″N 91°29′47″W / 44.816667°N 91.496389°W / 44.816667; -91.496389 (Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad Depot)
Eau Claire Brownstone depot of the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway, designed by Charles Sumner Frost Richardsonian Romanesque style and built in 1893. Now demolished.
13 Christ Church Cathedral and Parish House
Christ Church Cathedral and Parish House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
510 S. Farwell St.
44°48′33″N 91°29′48″W / 44.809167°N 91.496667°W / 44.809167; -91.496667 (Christ Church Cathedral and Parish House)
Eau Claire The Episcopal congregation built the Tudor Revival parish house in 1910. In 1916 they built the Gothic Revival church building, which was designed by Purcell & Elmslie.
14 City Hall
City Hall
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
203 S. Farwell St.
44°48′44″N 91°29′54″W / 44.812222°N 91.498333°W / 44.812222; -91.498333 (City Hall)
Eau Claire Eau Claire's second city hall, this Classical Revival/Beaux-Arts building was built in 1916.
15 Cobblestone House
Cobblestone House
01974-11-19November 19, 1974
1011 State St.
44°48′18″N 91°29′38″W / 44.805°N 91.493889°W / 44.805; -91.493889 (Cobblestone House)
Eau Claire 1866 house with exterior of local cobblestones constructed in Gothic Revival style for stonemason Bradley Marcy.
16 Community House, First Congregational Church
Community House, First Congregational Church
01974-07-18July 18, 1974
310 Broadway
44°48′19″N 91°30′22″W / 44.805278°N 91.506111°W / 44.805278; -91.506111 (Community House, First Congregational Church)
Eau Claire Prairie School church hall built in 1915, designed by Purcell & Elmslie with touches of Gothic Revival style. The building was funded by Cornelia Ingram, wife of a local lumber baron and member of the Congregational church.
17 Confluence Commercial Historic District
Confluence Commercial Historic District
02007-10-03October 3, 2007
2-28 S Barstow; 206-316 Eau Claire & 8 S Farwell Sts.
44°48′46″N 91°30′04″W / 44.812772°N 91.500975°W / 44.812772; -91.500975 (Confluence Commercial Historic District)
Eau Claire Point of origin of city of Eau Claire, at the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa rivers, with contributing buildings including the 1861 Kneer House hotel, the 1875 Derge cigar factory, the 1893 grand Romanesque Revival Drummond-Cameron building, and the 1925 Art Deco Kline's Department Store.
18 Dells Mill
Dells Mill
01974-12-24December 24, 1974
About 3 mi. NNW of Augusta off WI 27
44°43′32″N 91°08′54″W / 44.725556°N 91.148333°W / 44.725556; -91.148333 (Dells Mill)
Augusta The gristmill on Bridge Creek was built in 1864, when wheat was the cash crop in this part of Wisconsin.
19 Drummond Business Block
Drummond Business Block
02007-10-10October 10, 2007
409-417 Galloway St.
44°48′54″N 91°30′05″W / 44.815°N 91.501389°W / 44.815; -91.501389 (Drummond Business Block)
Eau Claire Built from 1879 to 1884, the buildings housed a meat-packing company, a wholesale grocer, and later the Farmers Store.
20 David Drummond House
David Drummond House
01974-07-30July 30, 1974
1310 State St.
44°48′05″N 91°29′44″W / 44.801389°N 91.495556°W / 44.801389; -91.495556 (David Drummond House)
Eau Claire Brick Queen Anne-styled house built in 1888 by Drummond, who started a meat-packing business, Eau Claire Gas and Light, a real estate business, and the Pioneer Furniture Company.
21 Eau Claire High School
Eau Claire High School
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
314 Doty St.
44°48′43″N 91°29′47″W / 44.811944°N 91.496389°W / 44.811944; -91.496389 (Eau Claire High School)
Eau Claire This Collegiate Gothic school, built in 1925, was Eau Claire's only public high school until 1957. Since 1982 it's been used as offices and storage for the school district.
22 Eau Claire Masonic Temple
Eau Claire Masonic Temple
02007-11-14November 14, 2007
317-319 S Barstow & 306 Main Sts.
44°48′37″N 91°29′54″W / 44.810278°N 91.498333°W / 44.810278; -91.498333 (Eau Claire Masonic Temple)
Eau Claire Built in 1899, the former (1899-1927) Eau Claire Masonic Temple is now the Antique Emporium.
23 Eau Claire Park Company Addition Historic District
Eau Claire Park Company Addition Historic District
02004-09-10September 10, 2004
Roosevelt, McKinley, and Garfield between Park Ave. and State St.
44°47′51″N 91°29′47″W / 44.7975°N 91.496389°W / 44.7975; -91.496389 (Eau Claire Park Company Addition Historic District)
Eau Claire 38 contributing homes in various styles, ranging from the Dutch Colonial Revival Stokes home built in 1907 to a 1936 house in International Style on Roosevelt Ave. to Ranch-style houses built in the early 1950s.
24 Eau Claire Public Library
Eau Claire Public Library
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
217 S. Farwell St.
44°48′43″N 91°29′53″W / 44.811944°N 91.498056°W / 44.811944; -91.498056 (Eau Claire Public Library)
Eau Claire Carnegie library built in 1903. Designed in Classical Revival style by Patton & Miller.
25 Eau Claire Vocational School
Eau Claire Vocational School
02014-11-12November 12, 2014
1300 1st Ave.
44°48′51″N 91°30′32″W / 44.8142°N 91.5089°W / 44.8142; -91.5089 (Eau Claire Vocational School)
Eau Claire 3.5-story factory built in 1891, in which the Eau Claire Trunk Company made suitcases. The city converted it to a vocational school in 1941. Housed the city's Parks, Rec and Forestry department from 1968 to 2009.
26 Christine Eichert House
Christine Eichert House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
527 N. Barstow St.
44°49′09″N 91°31′37″W / 44.819167°N 91.526944°W / 44.819167; -91.526944 (Christine Eichert House)
Eau Claire Queen Anne house built in 1897-98 for Eichert, a partner in the John Walter Brewing Company, and sister to John.
27 Emery Street Bungalow District
Emery Street Bungalow District
01983-05-20May 20, 1983
Emery St. between Chauncey and Agnes Sts.
44°48′39″N 91°28′47″W / 44.810833°N 91.479722°W / 44.810833; -91.479722 (Emery Street Bungalow District)
Eau Claire Largely intact neighborhood of middle-class bungalow-style homes built between 1915 and 1930.
28 First Methodist Episcopal Church
First Methodist Episcopal Church
01999-02-18February 18, 1999
421 S. Farwell St.
44°48′37″N 91°29′48″W / 44.810278°N 91.496667°W / 44.810278; -91.496667 (First Methodist Episcopal Church)
Eau Claire The Neo-Gothic church, built in 1911, still contains its original Kimball and Company pipe organ.
29 Gilbert Gikling House
Gilbert Gikling House
02001-01-16January 16, 2001
421 Talmadge St.
44°48′43″N 91°29′31″W / 44.811944°N 91.491944°W / 44.811944; -91.491944 (Gilbert Gikling House)
Eau Claire Gikling worked in a lumber mill and for the Linderman Box and Veneer Company. He built this Queen Anne house in 1895.
30 James Stephen Hoover and Elizabeth Borland Memorial Chapel Upload image
02000-01-07January 7, 2000
Lakeview Cemetery, Buffington Dr.
44°48′44″N 91°31′28″W / 44.812222°N 91.524444°W / 44.812222; -91.524444 (James Stephen Hoover and Elizabeth Borland Memorial Chapel)
Eau Claire Neo-Gothic cemetery chapel, constructed in 1936.
31 John Johnson Saloon Upload image
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
216 Fifth Ave.
44°48′10″N 91°30′35″W / 44.802778°N 91.509722°W / 44.802778; -91.509722 (John Johnson Saloon)
Eau Claire Wooden "Boomtown" style tavern constructed in 1882. Now demolished.
32 Kaiser Lumber Company Office
Kaiser Lumber Company Office
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
1004 Menomonie St.
44°48′05″N 91°31′12″W / 44.801389°N 91.52°W / 44.801389; -91.52 (Kaiser Lumber Company Office)
Eau Claire Brick commercial vernacular office built in 1905. Kaiser was the last lumber company established in Eau Claire. It subsumed the Daniel Shaw company, and operated sawmills, lumber kilns, a planing mill, a lath mill, and a box factory, operating from 1905 to 1939.
33 A. L. Kenyon House
A. L. Kenyon House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
333 Garfield Ave.
44°47′54″N 91°29′34″W / 44.798333°N 91.492778°W / 44.798333; -91.492778 (A. L. Kenyon House)
Eau Claire Upscale bungalow built in 1915.
34 Levi Merrill House
Levi Merrill House
01985-06-20June 20, 1985
120 Ferry St.
44°47′54″N 91°32′05″W / 44.798333°N 91.534722°W / 44.798333; -91.534722 (Levi Merrill House)
Eau Claire 1873 house mixing elements of Gothic Revival and Classical Revival styles. Merrill was a stonemason who owned the Mount Washington stone quarry, up the bluff behind the house.
35 Oatman Filling Station
Oatman Filling Station
02001-01-16January 16, 2001
102 Ferry St.
44°47′56″N 91°32′05″W / 44.798889°N 91.534722°W / 44.798889; -91.534722 (Oatman Filling Station)
Eau Claire This 1931 house-type gas station was designed to blend into its suburban neighborhood.
36 Ottawa House
Ottawa House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
602 Water St.
44°48′08″N 91°30′42″W / 44.802222°N 91.511667°W / 44.802222; -91.511667 (Ottawa House)
Eau Claire Wooden false front saloon and home constructed after the 1882 fire. May have catered to French-Canadian laborers from the lumber mills nearby.
37 John S. Owen House
John S. Owen House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
907 Porter Ave.
44°48′20″N 91°29′46″W / 44.805556°N 91.496111°W / 44.805556; -91.496111 (John S. Owen House)
Eau Claire Colonial Revival home built in 1923 for Owen, one of Eau Claire's lumber barons.
38 Pioneer Block
Pioneer Block
01980-08-27August 27, 1980
401-409 Water St.
44°48′07″N 91°30′28″W / 44.801944°N 91.507778°W / 44.801944; -91.507778 (Pioneer Block)
Eau Claire Gothic styled block of brick stores built in 1882.
39 Jane E. Putnam Memorial Chapel
Jane E. Putnam Memorial Chapel
02000-01-07January 7, 2000
Forest Hill Cemetery, Emery St.
44°48′31″N 91°29′17″W / 44.808611°N 91.488056°W / 44.808611; -91.488056 (Jane E. Putnam Memorial Chapel)
Eau Claire Neo-Gothic-styled chapel in Forest Hill Cemetery built in 1908 in memory of Jane's husband H. C. Putnam, land agent and philanthropist.
40 Randall Park Historic District
Randall Park Historic District
01983-05-20May 20, 1983
Roughly bounded by Lake and Niagara Sts., 3rd and 5th Aves.
44°48′18″N 91°30′23″W / 44.805°N 91.506389°W / 44.805; -91.506389 (Randall Park Historic District)
Eau Claire Early Eau Claire residential neighborhood, where both businessmen and laborers lived near the mills on Half Moon Lake.
41 Adin Randall House
Adin Randall House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
526 Menomonie St.
44°48′05″N 91°30′38″W / 44.801389°N 91.510556°W / 44.801389; -91.510556 (Adin Randall House)
Eau Claire Upright and Wing house built in 1862. Randall was an early settler and promoter of Eau Claire. He ran a ferry across the Chippewa, a planing mill, a sash and door factory, and invented the sheer boom to efficiently shunt logs into Half Moon Lake.
42 Roosevelt Avenue Historic District
Roosevelt Avenue Historic District
02009-04-15April 15, 2009
415,419,429,443,449 & 455 Roosevelt Ave.
44°47′48″N 91°29′31″W / 44.796561°N 91.491994°W / 44.796561; -91.491994 (Roosevelt Avenue Historic District)
Eau Claire Cluster of five houses built from 1929 to 1941 along Little Niagara Creek.
43 Sacred Heart Church
Sacred Heart Church
01983-03-03March 3, 1983
418 N. Dewey St.
44°49′05″N 91°29′59″W / 44.818056°N 91.499722°W / 44.818056; -91.499722 (Sacred Heart Church)
Eau Claire Romanesque Revival church built in 1928 by Catholic congregation to replace earlier church buildings which had been on the site since around 1875.
44 Saint Edward's Chapel
Saint Edward's Chapel
02000-01-07January 7, 2000
1129 Bellevue Ave.
44°49′01″N 91°29′29″W / 44.816944°N 91.491389°W / 44.816944; -91.491389 (Saint Edward's Chapel)
Eau Claire Neo-Gothic mission church building built 1889-1896 by the local Episcopal congregation. Converted to a home 1923-1926.
45 Salsbury Row House
Salsbury Row House
02009-04-15April 15, 2009
302-310 W. Grand Ave.
44°48′31″N 91°30′19″W / 44.808703°N 91.505239°W / 44.808703; -91.505239 (Salsbury Row House)
Eau Claire Wood-frame Victorian row house built in 1891. Owner lived in corner unit; others were rentals. Sole remaining row house in Eau Claire.
46 Schofield Hall
Schofield Hall
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
105 Garfield Ave.
44°47′55″N 91°30′00″W / 44.798611°N 91.5°W / 44.798611; -91.5 (Schofield Hall)
Eau Claire Built around 1916 to house Eau Claire State Normal School, in Collegiate Gothic style. It was then called "Old Main." Today it's the administration building for UW-Eau Claire.
47 William and Tilla Schwahn House
William and Tilla Schwahn House
02001-01-16January 16, 2001
447 McKinley Ave.
44°47′49″N 91°29′28″W / 44.796944°N 91.491111°W / 44.796944; -91.491111 (William and Tilla Schwahn House)
Eau Claire 1928 Georgian Revival home of Schwahn, part owner of a saddlery factory on Wisconsin Street.
48 Second Ward School
Second Ward School
02000-01-07January 7, 2000
1105 Main St.
44°48′43″N 91°29′10″W / 44.811944°N 91.486111°W / 44.811944; -91.486111 (Second Ward School)
Eau Claire Collegiate Gothic school built around 1916. Renamed "Boyd School" in 1951 and operated until 2002. Now apartments.
49 Soo Line Locomotive 2719
Soo Line Locomotive 2719
01994-01-10January 10, 1994
Carson Park
44°48′25″N 91°31′14″W / 44.806944°N 91.520556°W / 44.806944; -91.520556 (Soo Line Locomotive 2719)
Eau Claire Locomotive moved in 2006 to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in Duluth, Minnesota
50 St. Joseph's Chapel
St. Joseph's Chapel
01988-01-14January 14, 1988
Sacred Heart Cemetery, Omaha St.
44°49′27″N 91°28′50″W / 44.824167°N 91.480556°W / 44.824167; -91.480556 (St. Joseph's Chapel)
Eau Claire Gothic Revival chapel built in 1896 in Sacred Heart cemetery.
51 St. Patrick's Church
St. Patrick's Church
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
322 Fulton St
44°48′41″N 91°30′30″W / 44.811389°N 91.508333°W / 44.811389; -91.508333 (St. Patrick's Church)
Eau Claire Catholic church built in Gothic Revival style in 1885. It's the oldest remaining church in Eau Claire.
52 Steven House
Steven House
01982-03-01March 1, 1982
606 Second Ave.
44°48′22″N 91°30′13″W / 44.806111°N 91.503611°W / 44.806111; -91.503611 (Steven House)
Eau Claire 1909 Prairie School home designed by Purcell & Feick. J. D. R. Steven was part owner of Eau Claire Book and Stationary.
53 Temple of Free Masonry
Temple of Free Masonry
01988-01-14January 14, 1988
616 Graham Ave.
44°48′27″N 91°29′53″W / 44.8075°N 91.498056°W / 44.8075; -91.498056 (Temple of Free Masonry)
Eau Claire Built in 1927, the primary purpose of the Temple of Free Masonry, better known as the Masonic Center or Temple, has been to provide meeting space for the area's Masonic organizations. Since the mid-1990s, it has also served as the rain/rehearsal site for the Eau Claire Municipal Band.
54 Third Ward Historic District
Third Ward Historic District
01983-05-20May 20, 1983
Roughly bounded by Chippewa River, Park Pl., Gilbert Ave., and Farwell St.
44°48′02″N 91°29′38″W / 44.800556°N 91.493889°W / 44.800556; -91.493889 (Third Ward Historic District)
Eau Claire Prestigious residential neighborhood. Boundary increase (listed September 10, 2004): Approximately seven blks in the Third Ward bounded by State St., Summit Ave., Farwell St. and Garfield Ave.
55 Union Auto Company
Union Auto Company
02007-10-11October 11, 2007
505 S. Barstow St.
44°48′34″N 91°29′51″W / 44.809444°N 91.4975°W / 44.809444; -91.4975 (Union Auto Company)
Eau Claire This 1917 building had an auto showroom at street-level and an elevator to lift cars to the higher floors. The reinforced concrete structure was a rather new technology, strong enough to support cars at all three levels.
56 Union National Bank
Union National Bank
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
131 S. Barstow St.
44°48′43″N 91°30′00″W / 44.811944°N 91.5°W / 44.811944; -91.5 (Union National Bank)
Eau Claire 1930 Art Deco building. Union Bank had roots in local banks that went back to the 1870s.
57 US Post Office and Courthouse
US Post Office and Courthouse
01991-07-25July 25, 1991
500 S. Barstow Commons
44°48′32″N 91°29′54″W / 44.808889°N 91.498333°W / 44.808889; -91.498333 (US Post Office and Courthouse)
Eau Claire Classical Revival courthouse and post office, built in 1907. Also known as Eau Claire Federal Building.
58 Walter-Heins House
Walter-Heins House
01982-03-19March 19, 1982
605 N. Barstow St.
44°49′08″N 91°30′08″W / 44.818889°N 91.502222°W / 44.818889; -91.502222 (Walter-Heins House)
Eau Claire 1897 Queen Anne house, built for John Walter, who brewed Walter's Beer just a few blocks to the north.
59 Water Street Historic District
Water Street Historic District
02007-10-11October 11, 2007
402-436 & 401-421 Water St.
44°48′07″N 91°30′28″W / 44.801944°N 91.507778°W / 44.801944; -91.507778 (Water Street Historic District)
Eau Claire This little business district began as a steamboat landing on the Chippewa River in the 1850s. Today it's a funky little "other downtown" that serves the University community.
60 Dr. Nels Werner House
Dr. Nels Werner House
02001-01-16January 16, 2001
443 Roosevelt Ave.
44°47′48″N 91°29′27″W / 44.796667°N 91.490833°W / 44.796667; -91.490833 (Dr. Nels Werner House)
Eau Claire Georgian Revival home built in 1929 for a local physician.
61 Roy Wilcox House
Roy Wilcox House
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
104 Wilcox St
44°48′16″N 91°29′49″W / 44.804444°N 91.496944°W / 44.804444; -91.496944 (Roy Wilcox House)
Eau Claire Wilcox was an Eau Claire trial lawyer and state senator 1917-20. He built this Prairie School/Georgian Revival home around 1915.
62 George F. Winslow House
George F. Winslow House
01978-12-08December 8, 1978
210 Oakwood Pl.
44°48′07″N 91°29′45″W / 44.801944°N 91.495833°W / 44.801944; -91.495833 (George F. Winslow House)
Eau Claire 1889 Queen Anne house designed by architect George Franklin Barber. Winslow published the Woodsman Journal and sold patent medicines to lumbermen in northern Wisconsin.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Phoenix Manufacturing Company
Phoenix Manufacturing Company
01983-01-28January 28, 1983
01985-12-06December 6, 1985
Forest and Wisconsin Sts.
Eau Claire Company formed in 1861 to build and repair sawmill machinery. Moved to Forest and Wisconsin in 1874 and made bandsaws and the Phoenix steam hauler, a sort of locomotive on bulldozer tracks for pulling loads of logs through the woods. Now redeveloped as Phoenix Park.
2 Kline's Department Store
Kline's Department Store
01984-06-14June 14, 1984
6-10 S. Barstow St.
44°48′46″N 91°30′02″W / 44.812778°N 91.500556°W / 44.812778; -91.500556 (Kline's Department Store)
Eau Claire Department store built in 1926 with elements of Commercial Gothic and Art Deco styles. Demolished in 2014

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