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National Register of Historic Places listings in Green Lake County, Wisconsin facts for kids

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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Green Lake County
Location of Green Lake County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 16 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 24, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Beckwith House Hotel
Beckwith House Hotel
September 13, 1991
101 W. Huron St.
43°58′07″N 88°56′48″W / 43.9686°N 88.9467°W / 43.9686; -88.9467 (Beckwith House Hotel)
Berlin 3-story brick commercial block with Italianate touches, built 1863-64. The building opened with a pool room and oyster bar in the basement under the hotel, and the Macnish Brothers' drug store in the storefront. Long considered "the finest hotel in Berlin."
2 Nelson F. Beckwith House
Nelson F. Beckwith House
April 6, 1990
179 E. Huron St.
43°58′07″N 88°56′35″W / 43.9686°N 88.9431°W / 43.9686; -88.9431 (Nelson F. Beckwith House)
Berlin Italianate house with cupola built in 1858. Beckwith built sawmills in Omro, then moved to Berlin and tried the hotel business. Now a B&B.
3 Berlin High School
Berlin High School
July 18, 2016
289 E. Huron St.
43°58′08″N 88°56′19″W / 43.9688°N 88.9387°W / 43.9688; -88.9387 (Berlin High School)
Berlin The core building was designed by Parkinson & Dockendorff of La Crosse in Collegiate Gothic style and completed in 1918. Now an apartment complex.
4 Berlin Post Office
Berlin Post Office
October 24, 2000
122 S. Pearl St.
43°58′03″N 88°56′51″W / 43.9675°N 88.9475°W / 43.9675; -88.9475 (Berlin Post Office)
Berlin Art Moderne-styled post office built in 1936 with help of the PWA, with a mural inside of "Harvesting Cranberries" by Ray Rudell.
5 Green Lake County Courthouse
Green Lake County Courthouse
March 9, 1982
492 Hill St.
43°50′44″N 88°57′39″W / 43.8455°N 88.9608°W / 43.8455; -88.9608 (Green Lake County Courthouse)
Green Lake Neoclassical courthouse with pedimented portico, designed by William Waters and built in 1899.
6 Green Lake Village Hall
Green Lake Village Hall
September 15, 2004
534 Mill St.
43°50′45″N 88°57′35″W / 43.8459°N 88.9598°W / 43.8459; -88.9598 (Green Lake Village Hall)
Green Lake Art Deco-influenced public building designed by W. C. Weeks Inc. and completed in 1939 with WPA help. Originally housed a gym and stage on the first floor and city offices, a library and fire departments in the basement. The gym's roof is supported by early laminated wooden arches.
7 Hamilton-Brooks Site
December 19, 1978
South of Berlin
Berlin Prehistoric archeological site where Mississippian pottery and a wall foundation have been found.
8 Huron Street Historic District
Huron Street Historic District
August 31, 1992
Roughly, Huron St. from Fox R. to 124 E. Huron, including adjacent side streets
43°58′07″N 88°56′51″W / 43.9686°N 88.9475°W / 43.9686; -88.9475 (Huron Street Historic District)
Berlin Berlin's commercial downtown, reconstructed with brick after the fires of the 1860s and 1870. Notable buildings include the 1864 Beckwith House Hotel, the 1889 Romanesque Revival Masonic Temple, the 1890 Kitowski Tailor Shop, the 1893 Styer cigar factory/store, the 1895 Queen Anne Engelbracht Block, the 1897 Classical Revival First National Bank, the 1912 Classical Revival Nigbor Block, and the 1928 Art Deco City Hall.
9 Daniel and Catherine Ketchum Cobblestone House
Daniel and Catherine Ketchum Cobblestone House
April 19, 2001
147 E. Second St.
43°44′53″N 89°08′23″W / 43.7481°N 89.1397°W / 43.7481; -89.1397 (Daniel and Catherine Ketchum Cobblestone House)
Marquette 3-story Greek Revival-styled home built in 1852 with cobblestone walls and the front framed by four 3-story Doric columns. Clubhouse of the Caw-Caw duck-hunting club in the 1920s and 30s.
10 J. P. Luther Company Glove Factory
J. P. Luther Company Glove Factory
March 21, 1997
139 S. Pearl St.
43°58′04″N 88°56′53″W / 43.9678°N 88.9481°W / 43.9678; -88.9481 (J. P. Luther Company Glove Factory)
Berlin 2-story brick factory built in 1904, where leather gloves were made, initially by hand. First floor housed offices, cutting, and shipping; second floor housed sewing and finishing. Vacant lot as of November 7, 2010.
11 McClelland-Kasuboski House
McClelland-Kasuboski House
July 15, 1998
W404 W. Hillside Rd.
43°54′52″N 88°54′07″W / 43.9144°N 88.9019°W / 43.9144; -88.9019 (McClelland-Kasuboski House)
Berlin Brick Italianate farmhouse built in 1868 by Thomas McClelland, and never finished. McClelland, an Irish immigrant, farmed wheat, dairy and sheep. Sold to the Kasuboskis in 1903.
12 Methodist Episcopal Church
Methodist Episcopal Church
February 5, 2021
240 West 2nd St.
43°44′49″N 89°08′32″W / 43.7470°N 89.1421°W / 43.7470; -89.1421 (Methodist Episcopal Church)
Marquette Small wooden church built in the 1860s by Methodist Episcopal storekeeper J.C. Pierce, with Greek Revival-influenced roof pitch and frieze board, round-topped windows, and a square tower, all clad in clapboard on a fieldstone foundation.
13 Nathan Strong Park Historic District
Nathan Strong Park Historic District
May 10, 2005
Roughly bounded by N. Wisconsin, E. Moore, N. Swetting and E. Huron Sts.
43°58′10″N 88°56′36″W / 43.9694°N 88.9433°W / 43.9694; -88.9433 (Nathan Strong Park Historic District)
Berlin Residential neighborhood surrounding a city park named for Berlin's founder, with houses in a variety of styles including the 1849 Gothic Revival Ayers house, the 1854 Greek Revival Ward house, the 1858 Italianate Benham house, the 1881 Second Empire Rounds house, the 1881 Queen Anne Williams house, the 1898 Stick/Gothic style Union Church, the 1911 Neoclassical Hitchcock house, the 1911 Talbot bungalow, the 1915 Craftsman Safford house, the 1930 Tudor Revival Kreuter House, and the 1940 French Provincial Voeltner House.
14 Princeton Downtown Historic District
Princeton Downtown Historic District
March 21, 1997
approximately .33 miles E from Jct. WI 23 and WI 73
43°51′00″N 89°07′52″W / 43.85°N 89.1311°W / 43.85; -89.1311 (Princeton Downtown Historic District)
Princeton The old business district, including the 1859 Italianate Teske dry goods store, the 1860/1884 Worm saloon, the pre-1885 frame Italianate Henning meat market, the 1882 Italianate Schall building, the 1890 Italianate Luedtke store, the 1891 Rimpler dry goods store, the 1894 Richardsonian Romanesque Princeton State Bank, the 1901 Schade saloon and jewelry store, and the 1901 Commercial Vernacular Yahr building, which initially showcased furniture and caskets.
15 Thrasher's Opera House
Thrasher's Opera House
August 10, 1999
506 Mill St.
43°50′41″N 88°57′36″W / 43.8447°N 88.9599°W / 43.8447; -88.9599 (Thrasher's Opera House)
Green Lake Multi-purpose small-town theater built in 1909 by D.W. Taylor for Charles Thrasher. It hosted vaudeville troupes, motion pictures, basketball games, dances, school plays, graduations, and other social functions until 1945. Then used for manufacturing and storage until restored as a theater beginning in 1996.
16 Wisconsin Power and Light Berlin Power Plant
Wisconsin Power and Light Berlin Power Plant
March 19, 1992
143 Water St.
43°58′10″N 88°57′03″W / 43.9694°N 88.9508°W / 43.9694; -88.9508 (Wisconsin Power and Light Berlin Power Plant)
Berlin Small local power plant on the bank of the Fox River, built of brick in 1925 with some 20th Century Commercial stylings.
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