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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Vernon County
Location of Vernon County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Vernon County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 24 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 24, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 George Apfel Round Barn
December 20, 2006
11314 Cty Hwy P
43°39′15″N 90°41′24″W / 43.654167°N 90.69°W / 43.654167; -90.69 (George Apfel Round Barn)
Clinton Round dairy barn with ventilating cupola and a 12-foot silo in the middle, built on a hillside by Apfel and his neighbors in 1914.
2 Archeological Site No. 47 VE-881
Archeological Site No. 47 VE-881
September 30, 1993
Address Restricted
Sterling A.k.a. Baumgartner Mound.
3 B. Lawrence Site I
B. Lawrence Site I
June 30, 1975
Address Restricted
Rockton Prehistoric village site.
4 Bekkedal Leaf Tobacco Warehouse
Bekkedal Leaf Tobacco Warehouse
November 14, 2003
504 E. Decker
43°33′34″N 90°53′01″W / 43.559444°N 90.883611°W / 43.559444; -90.883611 (Bekkedal Leaf Tobacco Warehouse)
Viroqua Brick warehouse designed by Parkinson & Dockendorff and built in 1906 for Martin Bekkedal, the largest wholesaler of tobacco in the region at the time. Bought in 1921 by the Northern Wisconsin Co-op Tobacco Pool.
5 Cade Archeological District
November 3, 1988
E4337 Upper Newton Road
Coordinates missing
Newton Rock shelters and ridge-top effigy mounds of a bear, a panther, a turtle, two birds, and two linear mounds.
6 Bert and Mary Cunningham Round Barn
Bert and Mary Cunningham Round Barn
August 14, 2014
E7702 A Upper Maple Dale Rd.
43°33′36″N 90°51′13″W / 43.5601°N 90.8535°W / 43.5601; -90.8535 (Bert and Mary Cunningham Round Barn)
Viroqua Round barn with walls of clay tile and a tile silo in the center, designed for cows on the lower floor and hay storage above. Possibly designed and constructed by Alga Shivers, a son of a slave who built many of the round barns in Vernon and Monroe counties.
7 Goose Island Archeological Site Ve-502
Goose Island Archeological Site Ve-502
July 17, 1980
Address Restricted
8 Hanson Petroglyphs
Hanson Petroglyphs
December 31, 1974
Address Restricted
Viola Petroglyphs of bird figures carved into a sandstone wall on a ridge above the Kickapoo River.
9 George and Mable Harris Round Barn
January 24, 2017
S1123 Harris Rd.
43°41′19″N 90°29′43″W / 43.688679°N 90.495224°W / 43.688679; -90.495224 (George and Mable Harris Round Barn)
Forest Intact round barn with wooden silo in center, built by Alga Shivers in 1906.
10 Hay Valley Archeological District
Hay Valley Archeological District
December 31, 1974
Address Restricted
11 Larson Cave
Larson Cave
January 6, 1988
Address Restricted
Westby Shallow cave containing petroglyphs of stick-like human figures and other shapes.
12 Charles Lord House
January 26, 1998
113 South Street
43°43′15″N 90°35′11″W / 43.720833°N 90.586389°W / 43.720833; -90.586389 (Charles Lord House)
Ontario Neoclassical-styled home built by the Sullivan brothers in 1912 for Lord, a photographer and ginseng grower.
13 Markee Site
Markee Site
August 22, 1975
Address Restricted
Rockton Early-middle Archaic campsite.
14 Masonic Temple Building
Masonic Temple Building
December 1, 2000
116 S. Main St.
43°33′21″N 90°53′21″W / 43.555833°N 90.889167°W / 43.555833; -90.889167 (Masonic Temple Building)
Viroqua 2-story cream-brick building designed by Parkinson & Dockendorff of La Crosse in Classical Revival style with Beaux Arts influence and built 1921-22, with lodge quarters on the second floor and a theater and shops on the first floor to generate revenue.
15 Norwegian Evangelic Lutheran Church and Cemetery
Norwegian Evangelic Lutheran Church and Cemetery
July 14, 1986
Coon Prairie and E. Coon Prairie Rds.
43°37′49″N 90°51′12″W / 43.630278°N 90.853333°W / 43.630278; -90.853333 (Norwegian Evangelic Lutheran Church and Cemetery)
Westby Rural Lutheran church with two 80-foot towers, designed by Albert Parkinson in Gothic Revival style and built by Theodore Thorson from 1909-10, with windows from the Ford Brothers Glass Company of Minneapolis and altar from the Fond du Lac Church Furniture Company.
16 Rockton Archeological District
Rockton Archeological District
December 31, 1974
Address Restricted
17 Nils Skumsrud House
Nils Skumsrud House
July 11, 1990
southeast of the junction of SR 162 and U.S. 14/61
43°41′48″N 91°02′13″W / 43.696667°N 91.036944°W / 43.696667; -91.036944 (Nils Skumsrud House)
Coon Valley One-room log pioneer cabin with full dovetail corners, built in 1853 by Skumsrud, an immigrant from Biri, Norway. Now the oldest known remaining dwelling in Vernon County and part of Norskedalen.
18 Tollackson Mound Group
Tollackson Mound Group
December 15, 1997
(and 98001464 #97001552 and 98001464)
Address Restricted
Harmony Group of 11 effigy mounds of birds and mammals on a hillside above a stream, probably made during the late Woodland period.
19 Upper Kickapoo Valley Prehistoric Archeological District
Upper Kickapoo Valley Prehistoric Archeological District
September 24, 1999
Address Restricted
La Farge More than 450 sites dating from 10,000 BC to 1150 CE, in a valley that was almost dammed, including rockshelters, burial mounds, petroglyphs, and prehistoric campsites.
20 Vernon County Courthouse
Vernon County Courthouse
January 8, 1980
N. Dunlap Ave.
43°33′24″N 90°53′35″W / 43.556667°N 90.893056°W / 43.556667; -90.893056 (Vernon County Courthouse)
Viroqua 2-story limestone courthouse with a 3-story tower/belfry, designed in High Victorian Gothic style by Carl F. Struck and built in 1880. Murals inside include a scene of settlers arriving in wild Vernon County, painted by Leighton Oyen of LaCrosse.
21 Vernon County Normal School
Vernon County Normal School
July 26, 2011
410 S. Center Ave.
43°33′11″N 90°53′17″W / 43.553056°N 90.888056°W / 43.553056; -90.888056 (Vernon County Normal School)
Viroqua 3-story Prairie style building designed by Parkinson & Dockendorff and built in 1919. Nearly 2000 teachers trained here by 1972 when it closed. Now houses the Vernon County Museum.
22 Viola Rockshelter (47 Ve 640)
Viola Rockshelter (47 Ve 640)
December 10, 1987
Address Restricted
Kickapoo Center Rock shelter in a ravine along the Kickapoo River, with petroglyphs of what may be a boat and a tepee, of unknown dates.
23 Viroqua Downtown Historic District
Viroqua Downtown Historic District
July 17, 2003
Main St., roughly bounded by W. Court, E. Jefferson and the odd numbered 200 blk of S. Main St.
43°33′19″N 90°53′22″W / 43.555278°N 90.889342°W / 43.555278; -90.889342 (Viroqua Downtown Historic District)
Viroqua Viroqua's old commercial business district, including the 1882 Italianate Casson-Purdy Block, the 1899 Queen Anne-styled Fortney Hotel, the 1899 Michel Brewing Co. Building, the 1901 Italianate Dahl/Beat drugstore/grocery, the 1908 Neoclassical First National Bank, the 1921 Neoclassical Masonic Temple/Theatre, the 1930 20th-Century Commercial Felix Store, and the 1939 U.S. Post Office.
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