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Ninna (仁和 ) was a Japanese era name (年号, , nengō,, lit. "year name") after Gangyō and before Kanpyō. This period started in February 885 and ended in April 889. The reigning emperors were Kōkō-tennō (光孝天皇 ) and Uda-tennō (宇多天皇 ).

Events of the Ninna era

Ninna Ji 5
Garden at Ninna-ji which was begun in Ninna 3.
  • 17 September 887 (Ninna 3, 26th day of the 8th month): Emperor Kōkō died at the age of 57. Kōkō's third son received the succession (senso). Shortly thereafter, Emperor Uda formally acceded to the throne (sokui). This was confirmed in ceremonies.
  • 12 May 887 (Ninna 3, 17th day of the 11th month): Mototsune asks Uda for permission to retire from his duties; but the emperor persuades him to continue to serve as kampaku.
  • 887 (Ninna 4, 8th month): Construction of the Buddhist temple complex at Ninna-ji (仁和寺 ) was completed; and a former disciple of Kōbō-daishi was named to be the leader of the monks who lived there.

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