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Occupation could mean:

In business:

  • Employment, a person's job or work in service of an employer
  • Profession, an occupation that requires special education and training. For example, law, medicine, or theology.
  • Vocation, an occupation pursued more for altruistic benefit than for income
  • Career, a person's occupational history
  • Day job, an occupation solely for income, while pursuing another preferred career track
  • List of occupations
  • Standard Occupational Classification System, developed and used by the U.S. government
  • Occupational prestige, the relative esteem in which a particular job is held
  • Occupational therapy, assisting people who have difficulty performing occupational functions
  • Occupational science, the study of humans as occupational beings
  • Occupational disease, chronic ailment resulting from work
  • Occupational crime, opportunistically committed in the course of legal occupation

In a military context:


  • Occupation (protest), the temporary forceful occupation of a building, space or symbolic site
  • Occupancy, use of a building for shelter or support of persons, animals, or property
  • Occupation 101, 2006 documentary film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Occupation: Dreamland, documentary film about 82nd Airborne in Iraq
  • Occupation Double, a Canadian reality television show
  • "Occupation" (Battlestar Galactica), an episode in the third season
  • Occupation: Foole, comedy album by George Carlin
  • "The Beautiful Occupation", song by the band, Travis

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