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Parliament of Sweden
Sveriges riksdag
Coat of arms or logo
Type Unicameral legislature
Speaker Per Westerberg, (m)
since 2 October 2006
First Deputy Speaker Susanne Eberstein, (s)
since 2010
Second Deputy Speaker Ulf Holm, (mp)
since 2010
Third Deputy Speaker Jan Ertsborn, (fp)
since 2012
Members 349
Current Structure of the Riksdag
Political groups


  •      Moderate Party (107)
  •      Liberal People's Party (24)
  •      Centre Party (23)
  •      Christian Democrats (19)


  •      Social Democratic Party (112)
  •      Green Party (25)
  •      Sweden Democrats (20)
  •      Left Party (19)
Voting system Party-list proportional representation
Sainte-Laguë method
See Elections in Sweden
Last election 19 September 2010
Next election 14 September 2014
Meeting place
Parliament House, Stockholm
Parliament House
Stockholm, 100 12
Kingdom of Sweden
Riksdagshus entre 2007 1
Parliament of Sweden

The Parliament of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges riksdag) is the legislative government of Sweden. The parliament building is on the Stockholm island of Helgeandsholmen. The parliament has 349 seats since 1976 (350 between 1971 and 1976). Between 1867 and 1971, the parliament had two chambers, but has been reduced to one. Elections are held in September every fourth year (third year between 1970-1994).

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