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A penalty is most often a punishment, and may also mean:

  • in law:
    • Sentence (law), for example the death penalty
    • Sanctions (law), a punishment for violating rules of procedure, or for abusing the judicial process.
  • in sports:
    • getting a Penalty (American football) gets a punishment for your team's rule infraction
    • getting a Penalty kick (football)/(soccer) gets a "reward" for the other team's rule infraction, or refers to the tiebreak procedure where there has been no rule infraction, and there is neither a punishment nor a reward. See also Penalty area.
    • in Contract Bridge and other card games a penalty can be both an "intra-game" scoring bonus which is not associated with any rule infraction, or an "extra-game" punishment for a rule infraction such as a "revoke".
    • Penalty (ice hockey). See also Penalty box.
    • Penalty (rugby)
    • Penalty (Brazilian sports manufacturer)
    • in other sports or games, penalties may be referred to as fouls or faults
  • in finance and banking:
    • a payment forfeited for an early withdrawal from an account or an investment
    • Tax penalty, a fee required for missing a deadline or some other violation.
  • In entertainment:
    • The Penalty, a film.
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