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Perry Rhodan is a German science fiction series, published since 1961.

Perry Rhodan picks up nearly every theme that has ever appeared in science fiction. People from outside have criticised the series, but its commercial success during several decades has become a literary phenomenon in itself. If nothing else, Perry Rhodan provides a mirror of the 1960s Cold War, 1970s New Age, and 1980s peace movement in its story line. The series has an important influence on German writers in the field. The writing of the series still goes on.


Written by an ever-changing team of authors, Perry Rhodan is issued in weekly installments in the traditional German Heftchen (pulp booklet) format. The series was created in 1961 by K. H. Scheer and Clark Darlton. Initially, it should have thirty volumes, but it became an long lasting success and passed 2350 installments in 2006.


Perry Rhodan is one of four fictional astronauts of the USA. In 1971, they fly to the moon, where they meet an extraterrestrial space-ship. From its owners they get technology, which they use to end the cold war and to unite the people of the Earth. Then "Terra", the Earth, becomes a power in intergalactical politics.

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