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Pope Saint Pontian
Papacy began 21 July 230
Papacy ended 28 September 235
Predecessor Urban I
Successor Anterus
Personal details
Born c. 200
Died October 235
Sardinia, Roman Empire
Feast day 13 August

Pope Pontian (Pontianus) (Pope from 230-235 d. 235 C.E.), was the eighteenth Pope, the official title is the Bishop of Rome of the Catholic Church. Pontian served as pope mostly during the reign of Roman Emperor Severus, generally considered a peaceful period for Christians, but died during the reign of Maximinus Thrax. Maximinus Thrax did not tolerate Christians and pursued them violently. He arrested Pontian and Hippolytus and sent them to the mines in Sardinia where they died soon after. Pontian's body was returned to Rome a short time later and they were buried in the catacombs of Callistus on the Appian Way. Catacombs were underground chambers where many Christians lived, died and were buried.

Pontian is known for his condemnation of Origen a theologian of the time, and forbade his teachings. Pontian is considered a martyr and a saint of the Catholic Church. His feast day is celebrated on August 13 along with a fellow martyr Hippolytus.

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