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Constitutional President of the
Republic of Ecuador
National Standard of Ecuador.svg
Presidential Standard
Guillermo Lasso inauguration (6) (cropped).jpg
Guillermo Lasso

since 24 May 2021
Style Mr. President or His Excellency
Residence Carondelet Palace
Appointer Direct popular election
Term length Four years
renewable once
Inaugural holder Juan José Flores
Formation 22 September 1830
Deputy Vice President of Ecuador
Salary 6,261 USD per month

The president of Ecuador (Spanish: [Presidente del Ecuador] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)), officially called the Constitutional President of the Republic of Ecuador (Spanish: [Presidente Constitucional de la República del Ecuador] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)), serves as both the head of state and head of government of Ecuador. It is the highest political office in the country as the head of the executive branch of government. Per the current constitution, the President can serve two four-year terms. Prior to that, the president could only serve one four-year term.

The current President of Ecuador is Guillermo Lasso, who succeeded Lenín Moreno on 24 May 2021. He was elected in 2021.


The presidency of Ecuador has been marked by periods of instability, causing the office to change presidents frequently throughout the history of the country. At least five times, the duties of the president have been charged to a provisional government or a military junta. Often, the office has been left to an interim or acting president, many of whom would go on to become president. The president who has served the most terms in office is José María Velasco Ibarra, who served five. Before president Rafael Correa, the last president to serve out his complete term in office was Sixto Durán Ballén, who served from 1992 to 1996.

List of presidents

Latest election

Candidate Running mate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Andrés Arauz Carlos Rabascall Union for Hope (CD–FCS) 3,033,791 32.72 4,236,515 47.64
Guillermo Lasso Alfredo Borrero Vega CREO MovementSocial Christian Party 1,830,172 19.74 4,656,426 52.36
Yaku Pérez Virna Cedeño Pachakutik 1,798,057 19.39
Xavier Hervas María Sara Jijón Democratic Left 1,453,915 15.68
Pedro José Freile Byron Solís AMIGO Movement 192,763 2.08
Isidro Romero Sofía Merino Advance 172,714 1.86
Lucio Gutiérrez David Norero Patriotic Society Party 164,800 1.78
Gerson Almeida Martha Villafuerte United Ecuadorian Movement 160,572 1.73
Ximena Peña Patricio Barriga PAIS Alliance 143,160 1.54
Guillermo Celi Verónica Sevilla SUMA Party 84,640 0.91
Juan Fernando Velasco Ana María Pesantes Build Movement 76,349 0.82
César Montúfar Julio Villacreses Honesty Alliance (MC–PSE) 57,620 0.62
Gustavo Larrea Alexandra Peralta Democracy Yes 36,903 0.40
Carlos Sagnay Narda Ortiz Fuerza Ecuador 26,524 0.29
Giovanny Andrade Katherine Mata Ecuadorian Union Movement 20,245 0.22
Paúl Carrasco Frank Vargas Anda Together We Can National Movement 19,809 0.21
Total 9,272,034 100.00 8,892,941 100.00
Valid votes 9,272,034 87.35 8,892,941 82.13
Invalid/blank votes 1,342,840 12.65 1,935,445 17.87
Total votes 10,614,874 100.00 10,828,386 100.00
Registered voters/turnout 13,099,150 81.03 12,843,192 84.31
Source: CNE, CNE

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