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Since 1949 (except 1990-1996), Slovakia has been divided into a number of kraje (singular kraj, usually translated as Regions, but mean rather county). Slovakia is currently divided into 8 regions. Each kraj is then divided into many okresy (singular okres, usually translated as districts). Slovakia currently has 79 districts.

Each region is named after its capital.

The following list shows: name of the region, its capital, number of districts, population (as of 2001) and area.

Regions of Slovakia
  1. Bratislava Region, capital Bratislava - 8 districts, pop. 599,015, 2053km²
  2. Trnava Region, capital Trnava - 7 districts, pop. 550,103, 4108km²
  3. Trenčín Region, capital Trenčín - 9 districts, pop. 605,582, 4501km²
  4. Nitra Region, capital Nitra - 7 districts, pop. 713,442, 6343km²
  5. Žilina Region, capital Žilina - 11 districts, pop. 692,232, 6788²
  6. Banská Bystrica Region, capital Banská Bystrica - 13 districts, pop. 662,121, 9455km²
  7. Prešov Region, capital Prešov - 13 districts, pop. 789,968, 8993km²
  8. Košice Region, capital Košice - 11 districts, pop. 766,012, 6753km²

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