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The Rustamid (or Rustumid, Rostemid) ruled part of North Africa in the from the 700's to 909. It was a Muslim theocracy. The capital was Tahert. It was in present-day Algeria. The group had a Persian origin. No one knows how big their land was but it went as far east as Jabal Nafusa in Libya.

Rustamid Imams

  • Abd ar-Rahman ibn Rustam ibn Bahram (776-784)
  • Abd al-Wahhab ibn Abd ar-Rahman (784-832)
  • Aflah ibn Abd al-Wahhab (832-871)
  • Abu Bakr ibn Aflah (871)
  • Muhammad Abul-Yaqzan ibn Aflah (871-894)
  • Yusuf Abu Hatim ibn Muhammad Abil-Yaqzan (894-897)
  • Yaqub ibn Aflah (897-901)
  • Yusuf Abu Hatim ibn Muhammad Abil-Yaqzan, again (901-906)
  • Yaqzan ibn Muhammad Abil-Yaqzan (906-909)
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