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SSI or social security income is a type of government check that is given to those in the United States with some type of disability. Those who are above age 65 are automatically qualified to receive SSI benefits. However, children who have a disability can also qualify for SSI benefits. In all cases with children, they can receive SSI until the age of 18 (when they finish school). Some children continue to receive SSI if their disability worsens, or if they continue to develop more disabilities. When a child reaches the age of 18, they are evaluated by a professional physiatrist. The physiatrist asks several questions ranging from their moods to how they are doing in their life. The evaluation also consists of several mental work problems that are based on decision-making. At the end of the evaluation, the physiatrist will determine if the child is still disabled or has more disabilities.

There has been mixed to negative commentaries by the general public who believe that SSI is a mere waste and shouldn't exist. While others argue that if SSI is taken away, the elderly and children with disabilities would struggle with medical expenses and other lifetime economic issues. SSI is founded by the government. The money given to those with SSI are taken from taxes from those who work in the United States. SSI benefits include: insurance, automatic qualification for low income housing, free transportation to and from appointments and a monthly check that arrives on the first of every month.

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