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A disability is a condition that a person has which limits them in some way.

People with a disability or disabilities may need to use special equipment that can help them. This can include using a wheelchair, a cane or walking stick, hearing aids, a teletypewriter (TTY) and using specially designed software and hardware for the personal computer.

People who use a wheelchair or cane/walking stick cannot walk up or down stairs in a building. They need to use ramps and elevators when going into and moving around in a building. Wide doorways and accessible toilets also make it easier for people with physical disabilities to use.

Prejudice towards people with disabilities is common. This is sometimes called 'ableism'. A person with such a prejudice is called an ablecentrist.

Some categories of disability

  • Physical disabilities limit the way the body works.
  • Visual impairment is when the eyesight of a person is affected. (blind)
  • Hearing impairment is when a person cannot hear normally. (deaf)
  • Intellectual disability is when a person's brain is limited and cannot function at the same level as another person of their age.
  • Developmental disabilities can limit how a person processes information and thinks.

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