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Senecio moth
Nyctemera amicus.jpg
Scientific classification
  • Agagles amica White, 1841
  • Leptosoma plagiatum GuenĂ©e, 1868

Nyctemera amicus, the senecio moth, magpie moth or cineraria moth, is a moth of the family Erebidae. The species was first described by Adam White in 1841. It is found in South-east Asia, Oceania, and most of Australia. It can also be found in New Zealand.

Nyctemera amicus larva 2

The larvae feed on Senecio species including S. linearifolius, S. quadridentatus, S. mikanioides, S. cruentus, and S. scandens. These food plants contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, making the larvae unpleasant to taste and poisonous to birds.

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