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Severus is the name of various historical and fictional figures, including:

Emperors of the Roman empire
  • Septimius Severus (145–211), Roman emperor from 193 to 211 (rarely known as Severus I.)
  • Severus Caracalla (188–217), Roman emperor from 198 to 217
  • Severus Alexander (208–235), Roman emperor from 222 to 235
  • Valerius Severus, Roman emperor in the tetrarchy from 306 to 307 (rarely known as Severus II.)
  • Libius Severus, Roman emperor from 461 to 465 (rarely known as Severus III.)
Other individuals
  • Quintus Varius Severus, Roman politician from the late Republic
  • Aulus Caecina Severus, Roman general and politician
  • Claudius Severus, leader of the Helvetii in 69
  • Cornelius Severus, Roman epic poet in Augustan age
  • Sextus Julius Severus, 2nd-century Roman general
  • Severus (Encratite), founder of the gnostic sect Severian Encratites
  • Gaius Claudius Severus, Roman senator and consul in 112
    • Gnaeus Claudius Severus Arabianus, Roman philosopher, senator and consul in 146, son of Gaius Claudius Severus
    • Gnaeus Claudius Severus, Roman philosopher, senator and consul in 167 and 173, son of Arabianus
  • Gaius Septimius Severus Aper, Roman Aristocrat
  • Tiberius Claudius Severus Proculus, Roman senator and consul in 200
  • Marcus Julius Philippus Severus Augustus (238–249), Roman co-emperor (247–249) with his father Philip the Arab
  • Severus of Barcelona (died c. 304), a legendary Bishop of Barcelona
  • Severus of Ravenna (c. 308–c. 348), bishop of Ravenna
  • Sulpicius Severus (c. 363–c. 425), a Christian writer and native of Aquitania in modern-day France
  • Severus of Reims, bishop of Reims from 394 to 400
  • Severus of Naples (died 409), a bishop of Naples during the 4th and 5th centuries
  • Severus, the first known Bishop of Vence in 439 and perhaps as early as 419
  • Severus of Vienne (died c. 455), a missionary in France
  • Severus of Antioch or Saint Severus the Great (465–518), a Greek monk and theologian, and Patriarch of Antioch
  • Severus of Menorca, 5th-century AD Christian bishop of Menorca
  • Severus II bar Masqeh (died 681), Patriarch of Antioch
  • Severus of Avranches (died c. 690), a French peasant who became Bishop of Avranches
  • Severus Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ (died 987), Coptic bishop and historian
Fictional characters
  • Severus Snape, character in the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
  • Captain Severus, character in Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie

See also

  • Severo (disambiguation), Italian and Spanish derivative
  • Sawiris (disambiguation), Egyptian/Arabic derivative
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