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Sideroxylon alachuense
Scientific classification
  • Bumelia lanuginosa var. anomala Sarg
  • Bumelia anomala (Sarg.) R.B. Clark, not Sideroxylon anomalum (Urb.) T.D. Penn.
  • Bumelia lanuginosa var. anomala Sarg.
  • Bumelia tenax fo. anomala (Sarg.) Cronquist

Sideroxylon alachuense, known by the common names Alachua bully, silver bully and silvery buckthorn, is a plant species native to the US states of Georgia and Florida. It grows in forested areas on hummocks or near lime sinks or shell middens, at elevations of less than 200 m (650 feet).

Sideroxylon alachuense is a deciduous tree up to 10 m (33 feet) tall. Stems are armed with thorns but otherwise glabrous. Leaf blades are up to 70 mm (2.8 inches) long, shiny above and dark green below. White flowers are borne in bundles of up to 20 flowers. Berries are black, up to 13 mm (0.5 inches) in diameter.

The species is named for the locale where its type specimen was collected, the Alachua Sink inside Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park in Alachua County, Florida.

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