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King of Wessex
Reign 756–757
Predecessor Cuthred
Successor Cynewulf
Died c. 757
House House of Wessex

Sigeberht ( c. 757) was a West Saxon nobleman and . He was King of Wessex from 756 to 757.

King of Wessex

Sigeberht was a West Saxon atheling (prince) who in 756 succeeded Cuthred as King of Wessex. in 756. After ruling a year he was accused of unlawful acts and removed from power by the . This council was led by Cynewulf. This same council then elected Cynewulf to replace Sigeberht as king. Sigeberht was allowed to keep Hampshire and was supported there by the Cumbra. But Sigeberht then killed Cumbra and as a result was driven out of Hampshire. Sigeberht met his end while wandering in the great forest of the , killed by a herdsman. The herdsman killed Sigeberht in revenge for killing Cumbra.

This series of events formed the basis for the story of Cynewulf and Cyneheard. Thirty years later Cynewulf was killed by Cyneheard, the brother of Sigeberht. This was either in revenge for killing his brother or because Cyneheard was about to be expelled from Wessex.

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