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Springhill is a small community in County Dublin, Ireland. It is located at a T-junction in the parish of Garristown, Dublin.


It is said that Springhill got its name from a freshwater spring that was on the site. Much of the land was owned by the Monks family in old times, but was gradually given away. However, the Monks family still owns a part of the land. The oldest (and biggest) landmark in Springhill is likely the Ennis house, a wealthy house on the eastern side of Springhill. Previously owned by the Ennis family, it was sold to the Rock family who sympatheticlly renovated this 18th century Georgian farm house and then sold once again to yet another family currently occupying it.


As mentioned, Springhill is a small community with around six houses tightly grouped. There are four houses on the main hill, all related on the Monks side. There are two semi-detached bungalows and a single detached bungalow on the upper part of the hill with another detached bungalow on the lower part. Away from this cluster are the aforementioned two-storey Ennis house, a small cottage to the west and another two-story down a lane beside the Ennis house. The hill has nice gardens and is quite picturesque. Other than the Ennis house, nearby landmarks include the large Wyanstown House-a huge and very wealthy house-and the nearby Grallagh graveyard.


Springhill generally has frosty relations with nearby villages, with Rolestown and the Naul being the most hated. The facilities of Oldtown are mainly used by the people of Springhill. However, there are also strong links to Ballyboughal.


There are two main facilities in Springhill, the Montessori and the stud. The Little Oak Tree Montessori is run by Christine Prendeville and is located on the upper part of the main hill. The Springhill Stud is run by Joe Sheridan and features its own racetrack. It is located north of Springhill, on the road to Garristown.

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