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Suit is a term with various meanings:

  • A lawsuit, an action brought before a court, as to recover a right or redress a grievance.
  • Suit (clothing), a combination of clothing, such as a jacket and matching trousers,
  • Environmental suit, a piece of clothing used for a particular activity or in a particular environment, for example a space suit or diving suit.
  • Jumpsuit, wetsuit, or swimsuit, a one-piece outfit.
  • Suit (cards), one of four categories into which a deck of cards is divided.
  • Slang for a professional, The Establishment, management or government employee, because they wear a suit (clothing). Used pejoratively by Beats, artists, and hackers to refer to anyone in a position of authority.
  • Suit (album), the name of one of rapper Nelly's 2004 albums.
  • Suits, the third album by Fish.
  • Suit (comic), a fictional character in the marvel universe, appearing first in the Venom series.

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