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Tenroku (天禄) was a Japanese era (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Anna and before Ten'en. This period started in March 970 and ended in March 973. The reigning emperors were Reizei-tennō (冷泉天皇) and En'yū-tennō (円融天皇).

Events of the Tenroku era

  • 970 (Tenroku 1, 1st month): Fujiwara no Arihira (藤原在衡) became Minister of the Left (sadaijin); and Fujiwara no Koretada (藤原伊尹) became Minister of the Right (udaijin) in the Imperial court hierarchy.
  • 970 (Tenroku 1, 5th month): Fujiwara no Saneyori (藤原実頼) died at the age of 71; and the Koretada took his place as chief advisor to the emperor.
  • 970 (Tenroku 1, 10th month): Fujiwara no Arihira (藤原実頼) died at age 79. He had held the office of sadaijin.
  • 971 (Tenroku 2, 3rd month): For the first time, a festival (matsuri) in honor of the kami of Iwashimizu Shrine was celebrated.
  • 971 (Tenroku 2, in the 11th month): Koretada was created Prime Minister (daijō-daijin); Minamoto no Kaneakira (源兼明) was made sadaijin; and Fujiwara no Yoritada (藤原頼忠) was named udaijin.
  • 4 April 972 (Tenroku 3, 5th day of the 3rd month): Koretada organized ceremonies which confirmed Emperor En'yū's role as monarch .
  • 972 (Tenroku 3, 11th month): Koretada died at age 49.

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