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The Biz
Genre Drama
Written by Chris Ellis, Sarah-Louise Hawkins, Jeremy Front, Matthew Graham
Directed by David Andrews, Nigel Douglas, John Smith
Theme music composer Michael Omer
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 24
Executive producer(s) Marilyn Fox
Producer(s) Richard Callanan, John Smith
Running time 30 mins
Original network BBC One
Original release 1994 (1994) – 1996 (1996)

The Biz is a BBC children's television drama series about a group of teenagers at a fictional stage school. The series was written by Chris Ellis, Jeremy Front, Matthew Graham and Sarah-Louise Hawkins. The directors were David Andrews (series one), Nigel Douglas (series two) and John Smith (series three). Wayne Fowkes was the choreographer and original music was composed by Michael Omer. It ran for three series (24 episodes) from 1994 to 1996.


Set at Markov's School of Dance and Drama in Richmond, it was a portmanteau show in which different students took centre stage from week to week. It showed training, auditions and performances.



Actor Character Who are they? Series One Series Two Series Three
Marie Wevill Pippa Jackson Student Y Y Y
Paul Nicholls Tim Marshall Student Y Y (Y)
Hannah Lawrence Julia "Jules" Hart Student Y Y Y
Lindsey Wise Emma Holmes Student Y Y Y
Mohammed George (as Mahommed George) Ben Student Y Y Y
Keeley Forsyth Nicky Williams Student Y Y -
Nathan Constance Luke Fredericks Student Y Y Y
Stephanie Bagshaw Sasha Hamilton Student Y Y Y
Craig Stein Mark Student Y Y Y
Sacha Pitimson Chris Murray Student Y Y Y
Hilja Lindsay-Parkinson Natalie Walton Student Y Y Y
John Glynn Barry Wilson Boarding house brother Y Y Y
Andrew-Lee Potts (as Andrew Potts) Leo Student - Y Y
Rhys Moore Huw Williams Student - Y Y
Vanessa Cavanagh Amber Student - Y Y
Rudolf Gordon Jake Student (Alice's brother) - Y (Y)
Lindsay Payne Alice Student (Jake's sister) - Y (Y)
Sarah French Zara Student - - Y
Natalie Anderson Francesca Student (Leo's step-sister) - - Y
Max Wrottesley Vince Student - - Y
Zander Ward Terry Ryan Student - - Y
Steven White Zak Rachel's son - - Y
School staff
Terence Harvey Gerry Clark drama teacher (head teacher) Y Y Y
Sally Spencer-Harris Caro Hamilton school secretary and Sasha's mother Y Y (Y)
Delia Lindsay Gaby Markov head teacher Y Y (Y)
Geoffrey Bayldon Markov school founder and Gaby's father Y - -
Nicola Bryant Martine Johnson dance teacher Y Y Y
Tim Adams/Tim Scott-Walker Paul Jellico drama teacher and office support - Y Y
Ania Sowinski Kerry new school secretary and part-time student - - Y


Series One

  • Martyn Read as Mr Wilkins (science teacher)
  • Rajan Cahn as Mr Gibson (music teacher)
  •  ?? as Mrs Russell (art teacher)
  • Martin Beaumont as Mr Fellows (humanities teacher)
  • Charles Baillie as Mr Holmes (Emma's father)
  • Donna Doubtfire as Amanda (TV director)
  • Lydia Hrela as Miranda (disinterested school interviewee)
  • Albert Welling as Miranda's father
  • Declan Mulholland as “tramp” (actor)
  • Christopher Lamb as assistant TV director
  • Ian Porter as Sam (theatre director)
  • Norma Atallah as “mother” (actress)
  • Judy Clifton as Katrina (Tim's agent)
  • Derek Ware as photographer
  • Geraldine Griffiths as Pam Williams (Nicky's mother)
  • Jonathan Lacey as commercial director
  • Tom Marshall as Tom Williams (Nicky's father)
  • Zoe Ball as TV interviewer
  • Ben Onwukwe as Steve Fredericks (Luke's father)
  • Cassi Pool as Jackie Fredericks (Luke's step-mother)
  • Ian Sanders as reporter

Series Two

  • James Petherick as Mr Alexander (science teacher)
  • Victoria Plum as Mrs McAlpine (history/English teacher)
  • Kelly Reilly as Laura (war film actress)
  • Rebecca Tremain as Cassie (war film assistant director)
  • Luke Healy as Charles (war film actor)
  • Ralph Arlise as Alec (war film director)
  • Sean Kempton as Jamie (war film actor)
  • Audrey Jenkinson as Shonagh (chaperone)
  • Lincoln Ascot as cameraman (war film)
  • Kaya Trochy as clapper loader (war film)
  • Lee Marriott as focus puller (war film)
  • Andi Peters as Battle of the Bands presenter
  • Paul Barber as Gary Masters (music producer)
  • Debbi Blythe as Fiona Charles (daisy-chain executive)
  • Robert Blythe as Owen Williams (Huw's father)
  • Sam Scarrot as Danny (guitarist in Luke's band)
  • Matthew Whittle as Toby (video producer)
  • Clare Hardie as gofer (Jules' modelling fitting)
  • James Traherne as John (sound engineer)
  • Tony Maudsley as Roy (sound engineer)

Series Three

  • Michael Hobbs as history teacher
  • Chris Stanton as John (musical director)
  • Nelly Morrison as Rachel (musical actress & Zak's mother)
  • Marie Walker as Michelle (child actress in musical)
  • Coshti Dowden as Jason (child actor in musical)
  • Gil Brailey as Kerry's mother
  • Polly Irvin as Jude (TV director)
  • Helen Pearson as Joanne (make-up designer)
  • Maggie McCarthy as Bunny (chaperone & Barry's auntie)
  • Jennifer Croxton as Ms McCready (actress in make-up chair)
  • Maureen Sweeney as Mrs Ryan (Terry's mother)
  • Justin Brady as Steve (Jules' photography friend)
  • Robert Blythe as Owen Williams (Huw's father)
  • Lynda Rooke as Phyllis (Huw's father's girlfriend/fiancée)
  • Sabra Williams as Xanthe (TV film assistant director)
  • Philip McGough as Ken Atkins (TV film director)
  • Andrew Flynn as Sam Fraser (TV film cameraman)
  • Mary Sheen as shop manageress
  • Janice Acquah as Pippa's doctor
  • John O'Toole as vagrant
  • Marcia Tucker as Mrs Squire (Becky's mother)
  • Sakinah Fraser as Becky Squire (school auditionee)
  • Shanie Hanley as Daisy
  • Ian Driver as Dan Naylor (BBC light entertainment producer)



Paul Nicholls, in one of his early roles, played up-and-coming star Tim Marshall. The role reflected his own later life as Tim had to deal with attention from the press and the public.

Original songs

The series contained several original songs from composer Michael Omer.

Series One

  • Main Title: The Biz! – cast
  • Glamourous (E3) – Tim and Sasha
  • You Have To Find Your Own Way Through (E5,6) – Luke, Jules and cast
  • Tonight (E6) – Pippa
  • One To One (E6) – Tim

Series Two

  • Main Title: The Biz! – cast
  • If You Want Me To Stay (E1,2) – Luke, Jules and the band
  • You Set Me On Fire (E4,5,6) – Luke, Nicky and the band
  • Waiting For Tomorrow (E6) – Pippa and cast

Series Three

  • Main Title: The Biz! – cast
  • Just Do It! (E12) - Jules, Vince, Francesca, Terry, Luke and band


  • Series Two, Episode 6: Pippa opens an unaddressed envelope and reads a blank piece of paper to find out she's got the part in the new musical!


The series has also aired on ABC in Australia.

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