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For Thompson Sound in New Zealand, see Thompson Sound (New Zealand).

Thompson Sound is a sound on the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada, located on the east side of Tribune Channel and to the east of Gilford Island, part of the Broughton Archipelago. The headland on the north side of the sound's entrance is London Point at 50°46′09″N 126°07′07″W / 50.76917°N 126.11861°W / 50.76917; -126.11861 (London Point). The south side of the entrance is demarcated by Cleave Point at 50°44′35″N 126°07′28″W / 50.74306°N 126.12444°W / 50.74306; -126.12444 (Cleave Point).

Located on the sound is the unincorporated locality of Thompson Sound at 50°48′00″N 126°01′00″W / 50.80000°N 126.01667°W / 50.80000; -126.01667 (Thompson Sound), and Kakweken Indian Reserve No. 4, at the mouth of the Kakweiken River at the head of the sound, 4.0 ha. in size, at 50°48′00″N 126°02′00″W / 50.80000°N 126.03333°W / 50.80000; -126.03333 (Kakweken IR No. 4). A village site of the Kwikwasut'inuxw, said to be their place of origin, is also at the head of the sound is wato, also spelled watu, at 50°48′00″N 126°00′30″W / 50.80000°N 126.00833°W / 50.80000; -126.00833 (wato).

Kwak'wala placenames on the sound are leqwe, meaning "camping ground", just east of London Point at 50°46′40″N 126°06′40″W / 50.77778°N 126.11111°W / 50.77778; -126.11111 (leqwe) and gidelbe, meaning "long point", located across the sound on its south side at 50°46′25″N 126°04′00″W / 50.77361°N 126.06667°W / 50.77361; -126.06667 (gidelbe)

There is one small island in the sound, near its head, Sackville Island at 50°47′29″N 126°01′24″W / 50.79139°N 126.02333°W / 50.79139; -126.02333 (Sackville Island).

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