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Toot & Puddle
Toot & Puddle logo.svg
Created by Holly Hobbie
Directed by Christian Larocque
Starring Joanne Vannicola
Samantha Reynolds
Theme music composer Eggplant, LLC
Composer(s) Eggplant, LLC
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26 (52 segments)
Executive producer(s) Clint Eland
Tara Sorensen
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Mercury Filmworks
National Geographic Kids
Distributor National Geographic Kids
Original network Treehouse TV (Canada)
Original release November 16, 2008 (2008-11-16) – February 14, 2009 (2009-02-14)

Toot & Puddle is a Canadian children's animated television series based on the book series of the same name by author Holly Hobbie. Produced by Mercury Filmworks in association with National Geographic Kids, the series aired on Treehouse TV in Canada and Nickelodeon in the United States.


The show focuses on the lives of two adventurous pigs, Toot and Puddle. The two live in Woodcock Pocket with Puddle's cousin Opal and their parrot friend Tulip. In each episode, the duo learns about a different place or culture. During the course of each episode, either Toot visits a new location and communicates to Puddle by sending a postcard, or the two travel together.


  • Toot – Toot is a young pig who loves to explore. He is almost always somewhere other than his home with his digital camera to capture photographs of his adventures. He is best friends with Puddle.
  • Puddle – Puddle is a pig. He likes to explore but finds the area where he lives more interesting than places far away. He is best friends with Toot.
  • Opal – Opal is an energetic pig who asks many questions.
  • Tulip – Tulip is a parrot who lives with the trio in Woodcock Pocket. She lives on a perch in Toot and Puddle's kitchen.
  • Otto – Otto is a tortoise who lives with the forest in Camera. He lives on a swing in Toot and Puddle's park.
  • Desmond – Desmond is a kangaroo who lives with the apple in the tree. He lives on a house in Toot and Puddle's bin.
  • Lilly – Lilly is a frog who lives with the jungle in leaf. She lives on a tree in Toot and Puddle's river.


The series lasted for one season of 26 episodes.

  1. The Great Cheese Chase/Swing Swift – Toot & Puddle fly to France to get cheese, Opal & Puddle make a swing using a tire, but the tire goes missing!
  2. Free-Falling Friends/Curried Favors - Toot & Puddle are given sky-diving lessons, Toot flies to India.
  3. Opal's Big Move/Get With the Beat - Toot takes Opal to meet a famous ballerina he met in Russia, Toot & Puddle fly to Africa to learn about tribal culture.
  4. You Reap What You Sow/Lost and Found - Puddle teaches Opal how to plant a garden, Toot & Puddle fly to Belize to discover an ancient temple.
  5. Doors, Drawers, and Floors/Abominable Toot
  6. The Dragon Kite/Tulips for Tulip - Puddle & Opal go kite flying but their kite flies away, Toot & Puddle fly to the Netherlands to find tulips for Tulip.
  7. The Scarecrow/Which Way's Which?
  8. Toot & Puddle's Campout/Toot's Alpine Adventure - Toot & Puddle go camping, Toot flies to Germany to discover a castle and meets a lost calf.
  9. Party Pride/The Race
  10. Puddle's Poison Ivy/The Amazing Maze - Puddle gets poison ivy which postpones his & Toot's trip to Egypt, Toot & Puddle fly to Ireland to explore its many hedge mazes.
  11. Year of the Pig/Robinson Toot
  12. Night Lights/Away From Home
  13. Desmond Bounds In/Putting the Art in Artichoke
  14. Bye-Bye, Butterfly/Flying Down to Rio - Opal finds a butterfly and learns about migration, Toot & Puddle fly to Brazil to think of an idea for Carnival.
  15. Otto's Blackout/Puddle's Delicious Waffles - Otto conquers his fear of the dark when a storm hits, Toot & Puddle fly to Belgium to learn how to make waffles.
  16. Recycle Cycle/Being Green - Toot, Puddle, & Opal learn to take care of their environment, Toot & Puddle fly to Scotland to help Toot's uncle Bertie reuse his old junk into something else.
  17. Desmond's First Snow/Haleakala Sunrise - The gang teaches Desmond what winter is like in Pocket Hollow, Toot & Puddle fly to Hawaii to learn how to dance the Hula at sunrise.
  18. Leap Frog/A Painted Pot
  19. It's Mine/Tumble Pandas
  20. Toot & Puddle's Clubhouse/Toot's Arctic Adventure - Toot & Puddle start their own secret club, Toot flies to Nunavut, Canada to learn about the eskimo tribe.
  21. The Show Must Go On/Astronaut Camp - The gang puts on a play, Toot & Puddle fly to Florida, USA to join astronaut camp.
  22. Old and New/The Drawing Diary
  23. The Legend of Pocket Hollow/It's A Mystery - Toot & Puddle get spooked by a story of a monster in Pocket Hollow, Toot & Puddle fly to England to solve any mystery that comes to mind.
  24. Opal's Looth Tooth/Take a Break
  25. Puddle's Lucky Clover/Friends in the City - Puddle loses his good luck charm, Toot & Puddle fly to New York, USA.
  26. Look Again/Round Round Get Around