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A tribute (from Latin tribulum, contribution) is when one party gives to another as a sign of respect or, as was often case in historical situations, of submission or loyalty.

This is trade between the parties under a contractual relationship formed upon pressure, and based upon the possibility of threats if improved relationships did not happen.

Imperial China

In Imperial China, the term "tribute" is used to describe a kind of regulated trade in goods and services between China (the only great power in East Asia) and other trading partners.

Despite the term "tribute" state, China did not get involved in the domestic affairs and diplomacy of its trading partners, such as Joseon, Japan, Siam, Cochinchina and the Ryūkyū Kingdom.

  • 1403: The Ming Dynasty emperor of China gave a patent and a gold seal to Taejong of Joseon. This confirmed his legal status as the ruler of the Korean peninsula.
  • 1784: The earliest imperial device in Japan was lost. It was found in the late 18th century. A Han Dynasty emperor of China gave the gold object to the emperor of Japan in the first century (57 AD). This is a relic of the Chinese tribute system.

Musical tribute

In music, a tribute is when a singer, musician or band plays the music of another musical group. These artists may make an entire album called a "tribute album" that is nothing but songs that were first played by other musicians. A "tribute band" is a band that only plays songs that were made famous by one other band. They will often dress like that band and try to look like them as they perform. For example, a Kiss tribute band will only play songs by the band Kiss. They will also dress like the band and use the same makeup designs as members of the bands.

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