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Trigger may mean:

  • Trigger (firearms), a mechanism that actuates the firing of firearms
  • Trigger pad, a device used in electronic percussion
  • USS Trigger (SS-237), a submarine
  • USS Trigger (SS-564), a submarine
  • Trigger (horse), owned by cowboy star Roy Rogers.
  • Trigger (guitar), the Martin N-20 guitar played by Willie Nelson.
  • Trigger (Only Fools and Horses), a fictional character from the BBC sit-com Only Fools and Horses

In psychology and ethology:

In computing:

  • Trigger function in event-driven programming
  • Database trigger, procedural code that is automatically executed in response to certain events on a particular table in a database
  • Trigger circuit, IBM's name for a flip-flop.

In physics:

  • Trigger (particle physics), hardware or software based device for the (online-)selection of specific event classes from large datasets (see also: ATLAS trigger system)

In music:

  • Trigger (EP), an EP by the Swedish band In Flames
  • "Trigger", a bonus song by The Rasmus from their 2005 album Hide from the Sun
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