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Tsakhur orthography belongs to the Tsakhur such as Gelmets added many letters. Tsakhur is the Turkic language,but the variations is Creole. This means the alphabet is many,but the alphabet is currently can added many alphabet to make the sounds,too.


The alphabet on the standard dialect is currently is unauthorized for the digraph. So the alphabet for Tsakhur is А,Б,В,Г,Д,Е,Ё,Ж,З,И,Й,К,Л,М,Н,О,П,Р,С,Т,У,Ф,Х,Ц,Ч,Ш,Щ,Ъ,Ы,Ь,Э,Ю,Я and same like Russian alphabet. Which means Tsakhur alphabet have a 18 additional letters including АІ,ГІ,Гъ,Гь,ЕІ,КІ,Къ,Кь,Л',ОІ,ПІ,ТІ,УІ,Хъ,Хь,ЦІ,ЧІ,ЫІ. In Tsakh dialect,the letters with hard sign (Ъ),soft sign,and palochka or the double letters has been added. In Gelmets dialect,ХІ is added.


In Tsakh dialect,the word such as Гэмил was invented to Гэмээл. While for Gelmets dialect,is Гамил ("Yellow"). Omniglot says the pharyngealized letters is uses with palochka. While for Gelmets dialect is many. In unicode,sometimes letters have has been added the Cyrillic letters who it is past.

Usage in unicode

Sometimes,unicode asked to remove Tsakhur button,because of one of all social medias doesn't have this button.

Usage in social medias

President of Dagestan asked to removing the Tsakhur button,because Russia is the best countries of the republics in Russia,so the Omniglot says.

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