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ViR: The Robot Boy
ViR- The Robot Boy.jpeg
Genre Robots, Science-Fiction, Fearless Leader
Screenplay by Niraj Vikram
Story by Suhas Kadav
Dheeraj Berry
Niraj Vikram
Directed by Suhas Kadav
Presented by Ketan Mehta
Theme music composer Arghya
Opening theme "ViR: The Robot Boy"
Ending theme "ViR: The Robot Boy"
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi, English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 145 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Anish Mehta
Cinematography Maya Digital Studios
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Maya Digital studios
Original network Hungama TV
Original release 9 November 2013 (2013-11-09) – 2 December 2016 (2016-12-02)

ViR: The Robot Boy is an Indian animated kids adventure television series aired on Hungama TV. It is about a humanoid robot boy and his adventures. It is produced by Maya Digital Studios in association with Cosmos Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (Cosmos) based in Singapore. ViR, lives in the fictional city of Fursatganj. It was premiered on 9 November 2013, beginning with episode "Earth In Trouble".

Vir is a humanoid robot child with human-like qualities, emotions and superhuman abilities. He is a creation of Dr. Prem Sahay and he lives with him. Dr. Sahay is a kind elderly man, and he created Vir for helping others. The series follows his humorous escapades as he manages to save the day with his quick thinking and a wide array of robotic abilities, along with his closest friends – Chulbul, the pet donkey, 8-year-old Imli and Gintu.


Episode No. Name
1 Udney Waley Pankh
2 Horse Race
3 Andher Nagri
4 Picnic
5 Trouble in Plane
6 Bandar Shahar Ke Andar
7 Chalak Chor
8 School Inspection
9 Bad Company
10 Inter-school Championship Trophy
11 Magnetic Robot
12 Vir ki Patang Baazi
13 The Thief Parrot
14 Atithi Devo Bhava
15 Bina Sar ka Bhoot
16 Bag Snatcher
17 Cobra the Missile Man
18 Missing Chulbul
19 Robot Anaconda
20 Chulbul the Jungle King
21 MR Chadha ka Hawai Safar
22 School Camp
23 Adrshy Jadugar
24 Lallan Daku
25 Fursatganj Trip
26 Pets Animal Show
27 Bura Na Maano Holi Hai
28 Behroopia
29 Robot Dustbin
30 Saving Tiger
31 Statue Man
32 Yeh Tree Hamara Hai!!!
33 Robot Octopus
34 The Mind Controller Bee
35 Diamond Thief Natwarlal
36 Vir ki Sapna
37 Robot Exhibition
38 Power Plant
39 Chalak Pilot
40 Electric Timbaktu
41 Pintu Jinn
42 Robot Appliances
43 Football Match
44 Imli se Muqabla
45 Shooting Stars
46 Bunty aur Babli Jasoos
47 Ghost Bank Robbery
48 Teen Tigada Kaam Bigada
49 Threat on Fursatganj
50 Nakli Aliens
51 Mad Max Shrinks
52 Baby Gintu
53 Robot Tree
54 Magical Bunty
55 Laughing Robot
56 Ninja Master
57 Imli the Karate Girl
58 Chulbul in Circus
59 Bhooton se Kya Darna
60 Vir in Jugnu World
61 The Attack of Madmingo
62 The Dwarf
63 Magical Feather
64 Robot Car
65 The Black Circle
66 Purana Kila
67 Inter-school Robot Competition
68 Fursatganj Mein Dinosaurs
69 The Peacock
70 Mad Max's Dark Magnus
71 Dance Competition
72 Main Kaun Hoon?

Seasons 3 & 4 can be watched at SonyLiv.

Episode No. Name
73 Bhool Bhulaiya
74 Car Thief
75 Lightening Robot
76 Mask of Vir
77 Vir VS Uncle Jinn
78 The Enormous Flower
79 Happy Birthday Chulbul!
80 Chatori Gintu
81 Giant Spider
82 Turtle Alien
83 Volcano
84 Cemento
85 Go Cart Race
86 Chuhon ki Baraat
87 Mad Max ki Bike
88 Vir VS Cat Mona
89 Floating Vir
90 Umbrella Man
91 Danger Devil
92 Bhoot Bhandar
93 Vir VS Toy Robots
94 Vir ki Voice
95 Dangerous Seven
96 Lady Jinn
97 Hide and Seek
98 Bunty the Robot Boy
99 Drama Competition
100 Piggy Bank
101 Jungle Safari
102 Dragoz
103 Fursatganj ki Diwali
104 Coconuts' Attack
105 Powerless Vir
106 Merry Christmas Fursatganj
107 Vir VS Robot 10
108 Lizard Man
109 Robot Vir
110 Electric Transformer
111 Gintu ka Gussa
112 Happy Birthday Vir!
113 Body-less Aliens
114 Train Chase
115 Gintu ban Gaya Teacher
116 Himalayan Penguins
117 Bubble Man Timbaktu
118 Vir ki Punishment
119 Gintu Meets Chintu
120 Robot Hoverraft
121 Mr Hat
122 Gold Thief Alien
123 Boxer Gintu
124 Vir's Robot Boy Suit
125 Mad Max becomes Dadaji
126 Devil Liliputs
127 Power of Seven Planets
128 Factoroid Attack
129 Robot Bee Attack
130 Mad Max ki UFO
131 Satelite Launch
132 Vir VS Yeti
133 Timbaktoon ka Jinn
134 Earth in Trouble
135 Star Alien
136 Missing Gintu
137 Vir in Dadaji's Brain
138 Vir VS Cosmic Wolf Power
139 Vir VS Giant Bug
140 Robotic Piranha
141 Alien Pedro
142 Blob Attack
143 Invisible Power Attack
144 Vir ek Villain
145 Student of the Week

Robot Suits


  • Robot Boy Suit: Gives Vir a jetpack and additional powers.
  • Diving Suit: Changes Vir into a scuba-diver and gives him the swimming ability.
  • Wing Suit: Gives Vir the flying ability.
  • Twister Suit: Gives Vir a tornado which can suck everything.
  • Fire Suit: Gives Vir a shield to protect him from fire.
  • Astronaut Suit: Changes Vir to an astronaut.
  • Drilling Suit: Gives Vir a drill to dig.

Rare Suits

  • Lightning Suit: Gives Vir the ability to control lightning and thunder.
  • Sliding Suit: Gives Vir the ability to fly over tunnels.


Compilation No. Name of compilation
1 School Diaries
2 Gintu Gags
3 Vir Vs Evils
4 Rowdy Robo Attack
5 Chadda Uncle
6 Wild Animals Fun
7 Mad Max's Invention


  • Vir. Vir is a humanoid robot made by doctor Prem Sahai. He has human-like qualities and has robot gadgets. Vir is often carefree, kind and intelligent, always helping anyone in need. His friends are his pet donkey, Chulbul, his magical jinn, Gintu and his best friend and Imli. His main enemy is Mad Max, an evil scientist who wants to capture him, make duplicates of him and rule over the world with their help. but Vir foils his plans every time, thus saving the world. He has a secret identity, that no one except his friends and dadaji, know. He is the hero of Fursatganj, Robot Boy. He has 7 suits, Robot Boy suit, Diving Suit, Wing-suit, Fire-suit, Twister-Suit, Astronaut-suit, and Drilling-suit. He is a 11-year old robot. Voiced by Vidit Kumar.
  • Imli. Imli is one of Vir's best friends. She is highly intelligent, pretty and is always ready to help anyone that is in trouble. She is also very protective of Vir, and often jumps in to free him from one of Mad Max's traps. Her greatest dislikes are Bunty and his friends, Keki Feki. Her friends are Chulbul, Gintu and Vir, and she has a crush on Vir. She first meets Gintu at 'Bag Snatcher'. Voiced by Roopa Bhimani
  • Gintu. Gintu is one of Vir's friends and is a magical jinn. He is a chubby boy who loves eating all the time and often does mistakes that make no sense. He lacks any intelligence and is very lazy but nevertheless still helps his friends. Whenever he gets hit in the head, he loses his memory. Vir sometimes loses his temper when Gintu does something stupid. His friends are Chulbul, Vir and Imli. When Vir calls him, he says "C-c-c-castor c-c-c-castor! You're my master, you're my master.". Voiced by Anubhav Saha
  • Chulbul . Chulbul is one of Vir's friends who is a donkey. He always accompanies Vir to where he goes and also gets into trouble with him. He loves eating carrots. He often thinks highly of himself but is always beaten. He is always there to help his friends whenever needed. His friends are Imli, Vir and Gintu. He is a 16 year-old donkey. Voiced by Brian Dcosta
  • Chintu . Chintu is Gintu's childhood friend. He only appears in 'Gintu meets Chintu.' Despite his failed ways to separate Gintu and Vir, he can not separate them.
  • Principal Sir. Principal Sir is the headmaster of Vir's school. He is a kind man who always wants the best from his students. Although at first he thought nothing of Vir, he began to admire him after the many times Vir saved the school and therefore Vir is the best known student in the school. Voiced by Trilok Patel.
  • Bunty Chadha. Bunty Chadha is one of Vir's nemesis. He is the son of Mr and Mrs Chadha. Because of his parents' wealth, he thinks that he is the only one that is more powerful than everyone else. Vir attacks Bunty’s father every morning, and when Bunty try’s to save his father, it all ways ends up with Bunty being the one in trouble. Vir is all ways showing Bunty how much better he is than him. Bunty not only hates Vir because he attacks his father, but he also hates him because Vir is always proving that he is better than him. He tries to win and prove to everyone that he's the best. He has two friends, Keki and Feki. Being jealous of Vir, he often finds out that Vir is a robot or a Robot Boy by spying on him, but thanks to Gintu's magic, he never remembers anything. He has an uncle called Bhadijha. Gintu gives him a fake robot suit where its lasers won't harm anyone in 'Bunty the Robot Boy'. Voiced by Sabina Malik.
  • Keki Feki. The two are the followers of Bunty and are bullies. They are twin brothers. They first appear in 'Horse Race'.
  • Mad Max. Mad Max is the antagonist of the series. He is a mad scientist who wants to rule over the world. He wants to capture Vir and make copies of him, and then destroy him. Vir foils his plans every time. His catchphrase is "Mad Max is mad! Very, very mad!". He has a sidekick, or more like a servant named Timbaktoon and a cat named Mona. He also accidentally gets beaten up by Timbaktoon. Voiced by Shailendra Pandey.
  • Timbaktoon. Timbaktoon is the sidekick/ servant of Mad Max and often helps fulfill his plans. He is clumsy and careless, often getting himself into trouble while trying to capture Vir. He also accidentally beats Mad Max up. Voiced by Mayur Vyas.
  • Mona. Mona is the cat companion of Mad Max. She is very arrogant and often compliments Max with the saying “Boss, you’re genius! Super duper genius!”. She only fights against Vir in 'Vir VS Cat Mona'. She is a 9 year-old cat. Voiced by Pooja Punjabi.
  • Dr Prem Sahay/ Dadaji. Dadaji is a scientist who created Vir so he could save the world and its people. Dadaji is a very caring person, and loves and cares for Vir very much. Dadaji's enemy is also Mad Max, and in the episode "Nakli Aliens" it is shown that they knew each other even before Vir was made. Vir deeply cares about Dadaji and is very protective of him. Voiced by Ajay Singhal
  • Nanaji/ Magical jinn. Nanaji is the grandfather of Gintu. He is also as big as Gintu and also loves eating. He first appears in the episode "Baby Gintu" as to help Gintu turn into a boy again after he turns himself into a little baby. He is a kind man with extraordinary powers.
  • Mr. Chadha. Mr. Chadha is Bunty's father. He is a wealthy man who is continuously, and unknowingly by him, getting accidentally beaten up by (mostly) Vir and (sometimes) his friends. He is the second person to sometimes find out that Vir is a Robot Boy the first one being his son. He is a kind and sometimes self-centered man. Voiced by Nandkishore Pandey.
  • Mrs. Chadha. Mrs. Chadha is Bunty's mother. She is in short words and kind woman who loves looking nice and beautiful and always gets annoyed by her son's ridiculous acts. Voiced by Meena Nahata.
  • Babli. Babli is Bunty's stuck-up self-centered cousin. She only appears in 'Bunty And Babli Detectives' where she, with Bunty, try to find out the truth behind Vir, and comically fail, because of Gintu's magic.
  • Mr. Sinha. Mr. Sinha is Imli's caring and kind father. Not much is said about him and neither does he appear in many episodes. He first appears at 'Horse Race'. Also voiced by Mayur Vyas.
  • Mrs. Sinha. Mrs. Sinha is Imli's pretty and kind mother. Not much is known about her either. She also first appears in 'Horse Race'. Voiced by Mausum.
  • Munnu. Munnu is a cute little kid and a friend of Vir's. He is a adorable 4-year-old who looks up to Vir. He doesn't appear in many episodes. Voiced by Sinha.
  • Kakkad Sir. Kakkad Sir is a stoic, stubborn teacher at Vir's school. As mentioned, he is very stoic and doesn't like to be bothered or interrupted. He also dislikes Vir and is often trying to prove the boy wrong in front of Principal Sir. His attempts, however, always fail. Also voiced by Shailendra Pandey.
  • Ramu, Nathu, Michael, Simon. They are thieves from Mad Max's company. After Mad Max fired them out, they worked for other villains like Uncle Bhadijha. They appear in some episodes.
  • Uncle Bhadijha. He is Bunty's uncle. He was a hunter who wanted to catch animals. After Vir won against him, he never kidnapped animals. He only appears in 'The Peacock'. Also voiced by Nandkishore Pandey.
  • Bulbul. He is donkey opposite of Chulbul. After Gintu got him to Vir, Vir thought that he was Chulbul. He kicked Vir and Bunty. He only appears at 'Missing Chulbul'.
  • Pintu. Pintu is a bad jinn. He kidnapped Gintu in a bottle. After Vir released Gintu, Vir fought Pintu in his Twister Suit. Pintu was about to catch Vir, but the bottle Gintu was trapped was big. As Pintu entered in it, the bottle shrunk. Vir sent Pintu to Genie-land. He only appears on 'Pintu Jinn'. Also voiced by Anubhav Saha.
  • Launderer Bir. He is a launderer. After seeing Chulbul eating carrots, he led a carrot path. As Chulbul entered it, he got kidnapped by him. But Vir shot lasers in Bir's henchmen. Chulbul got safe. Bir only appears in 'Missing Chulbul'.
  • Mad Robots. They are Mad Max's henchmen. When Mad Max calls them, they prove to attack Vir. But Vir attacks them badly in the end of every episode.
  • Eeka Beeka Deeka Teeka. They are a group of monkeys who created chaos by stealing Mrs Chadha's jewellery, on Bandar Shahar ke Andhar, but in the end, they became friends with Vir.
  • Bandar Raja". He is a Monkey who is the boss of Eeka, Beeka, Deeka, & Teeka.

Theme song

  • "Vir The Robot Boy Dimaag Hai Computer Se Taiz" he is very smart and very strong as well.
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