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In phonetics, a voiced consonant is a consonant which is pronounced with the vibration of the vocal cords. For example, the sound [z] is a voiced consonant, while [s] is not, and its called a voiceless consonant. You can feel when your vocal cords are vibrating by putting your finger at your larynx, or the Adam's Apple. There are many more pairs of voiced/voiceless consonants, such as in English:

[b] {as in ball or web} and [p] {as in pop or tap}

[d] (voiced alveolar stop) {as in lad or dog} and [t] (voiceless alveolar stop) {as in bat or toe}

[v] (voiced labiodental fricative) {as in vat or tavern} and [f] (voiceless labiodental fricative) {as in laugh or fin}

and there are also more uncommon pairs of consonants in other languages, such as:

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