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Longtailed duskdarter
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Scientific classification
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Zyxomma sechellarum Martin, 1896

Zyxomma petiolatum, known by the common names long-tailed duskdarter, brown dusk hawk and dingy duskflyer, is a species of dragonfly in the family Libellulidae. It is widespread in many Asian countries, New Guinea, northern Australia and islands in the Pacific.

Description and habitat

It is a medium-sized chocolate-brown colored dragonfly with emerald-green eyes. Female is similar to the males. It breeds in small pools, ponds, swamps and slow flowing rivers. It is crepuscular but may also be active during overcast days. Usually seen in the evening as an extremely rapid flyer, flying low over water-bodies, hawking midges and mosquitoes. In daytime it roosts among vegetation and can be difficult to find.

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