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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 10th century11th century12th century
Decades: 970s  980s  990s  – 1000s –  1010s  1020s  1030s
Years: 998 999 100010011002 1003 1004

1001 (MI) was a common year that started on Wednesday when the Julian calendar was used. It was the first year of the 2nd millennium and the 11th century.


  • Grand Prince Stephen I of Hungary is named the first King of Hungary by Pope Silvester II.
  • Canonisation of Edward the Martyr, King of England.
  • Robert II, King of France marries for the third time, with Constance Taillefer d'Arles.
  • Khmer king Jayavarman V is succeeded by Udayadityavarman I and/or Suryavarman I.
  • Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor has Charlemagne's vault opened (see Aachen Cathedral).

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