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Abby Hatcher
Abby Hatcher logo.png
Genre Educational
Created by Rob Hoegee
Directed by
  • Kyran Kelly
Voices of
  • Macy Drouin
  • Wyatt White
  • Christian Dal Dosso
  • Michela Luci
  • Emma Berman
  • Jacob Soley
  • Hattie Kragten
  • Sophie Culligan
  • Laaibah Alvi
  • Leo Orgil
  • Kaden Stephen
  • Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
  • Josette Jorge
  • Terry McGurrin
  • Kim Roberts
  • Christian Campbell
  • Mac Heywood
  • Catherine Disher
  • Jane Luk
Theme music composer Ryan Carlson
Summer Weiler
Hanna Ashbrook
Chris Sernel
Opening theme "Abby Hatcher" by Macy Drouin
Composer(s) Ryan Carlson
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 51 (and 10 shorts) (list of episodes)
  • Jonah Stroh and Cynthia Taylor
  • Executive: Rob Hoegee, Jennifer Dodge, and Ronnen Harary
  • Co-Executive: Frank Falcone and Mary Bredin
  • Toni Stevens (supervising producer)
  • Producers for Guru Studio
  • Christine Davis (producer)
  • Martin Sal (pre-production producer)
Editor(s) Kelly Carlson (picture editor)
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Guru Studio
Spin Master Entertainment
Original network TVOKids (Canada)
Nickelodeon (U.S.)
Picture format 1080i ( HDTV)
Original release January 1, 2019 (2019-01-01) – present (present)

Abby Hatcher (originally titled Abby Hatcher, Fuzzly Catcher) is a Canadian CGI-animated television series created by Rob Hoegee. Produced by Guru Studio in conjunction with Spin Master Entertainment, the series premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on January 1, 2019, and on TVOKids in Canada on February 11, 2019. It debuted online on December 18, 2018.

On June 4, 2019, the series was renewed for a second season. New episodes moved to the Nick Jr. Channel, where they have been shown since November 10, 2019.


The series follows an intelligent and energetic seven-year-old girl named Abby Hatcher, and her new friends, the Fuzzlies. The Fuzzlies are quirky creatures that live in her family's hotel. Together with her best Fuzzly friend Bozzly, Abby goes on wild adventures to fix Fuzzly mishaps and help them in any way she can.



  • Abby Hatcher (voiced by Macy Drouin in the CAN/US, and Maisie Marsh in the UK) – A bespectacled seven-year-old girl of American and Chinese descent who possesses detective skills. She is equipped with a wrist device called the Fuzzly Spotter which notifies her of a trouble involving a Fuzzly, plus it can operate various things in the hotel. She also has spring shoes to make her jump high, an inflatable coat that help her take to the air, and a trike (which she erroneously refer to as a "bike") to travel around. Her gadgets are accessible in passageways that appear just about anywhere, even in the suburbs or wilderness. She is also quite kind, even to troublesome animals. Her symbol is a heart.
  • Bozzly (voiced by Wyatt White) – An aquamarine rabbit-like Fuzzly who can turn invisible, and fly (by spinning his ears like a propeller). He also has super sensitive hearing, and has a front pocket containing various objects (some of which are larger than him). He is Abby's best friend and partner. His symbol is a star.


  • Princess Flug (voiced by Michela Luci) – A pink gastropod-like Fuzzly who is made of glitter goo which can either be sticky or slippery. She can blow bubbles that could carry away anything that gets inside them, or neutralize sticky glitter gloo. Her tiara shoots a gooey string which she can use to grab or climb things as well as sticky projectiles. She often adds "me" at the beginning and end of her sentences ("Me, sleep, me!", "Me, streamers, me!", "Me, snacks, me!", etc.) and talks in broken English. She adopts a pet slug named Sparkles. Her symbol is a crown.
  • Teeny Terry (voiced by Jacob Soley) – A small round marigold cat-like Fuzzly with winged arms that allow him to fly. He can inflate like a balloon which enables him to fly higher and carry more load. But when he has to deflate back to his normal size, he needs someone to tickle him. When he does deflate, he does gymnastics when no one is around to catch him. He is interested in mechanical stuff, but struggled at first, until he becomes Lex's partner. He sometimes dons a hard hat conjuring various tools that can be used for building and repairing. His mechanical skills become more advanced as the episodes progress. Though not typically bespectacled, he, along with Otis and Curly, need glasses to read. His symbol is an acorn.
  • Otis (voiced by Christian Dal Dosso) – A red thimbleberry-like Fuzzly with three extendable tentacles on his head which can be used for swinging or reaching things several feet away. His tentacles also have holes that open which can stick to objects or pump air to inflatables. His four legs are also extendable. He is obsessed with buttons, and would press them all day. This obsession led him to become the hotel's elevator operator. Abby gave him an accordion to play with (which also has buttons) in order to keep him from going crazy with the elevator buttons. The elevator he operates not only takes users to certain floors of the hotel, it can also serve refreshments and various stuff for him and the patrons. He often speaks without altering or omitting his t's. His symbol is a circle.
  • Curly (voiced by Sophie Cullingan) – A pink and orange rabbit-like Fuzzly with a spiral tail that can work like a spring, thus allowing her to leap high (and to also hold things as she lacks arms). Curly would sporadically say a word three times, or say the last word of her sentence three times. She likes being hugged which Abby uses to calm her if she is upset or her antics are causing trouble. She is the assistant to the hotel's cook, Chef Jeff. Her symbol is a spiral.
  • Mo and Bo (voiced by Laaibah Alvi and Leo Orgil, respectively) – Twin cat-like Fuzzlies with stretchy torsos that allow them to reach things several feet high, and to slingshot stuff. They also have retractable heads and limbs, the ability to grow multiple extra pairs of legs in the middle, and heads that light up. They talk in rhyme. Mo is a white female while Bo is a black male. They also have an interest in shoes: Mo prefers boots and loafers while Bo prefers high heeled pumps. Their symbol is stripes.
  • Harriet Bouffant (voiced by Hattie Kragten) – A doll-like Fuzzly with extendable pink and yellow hair which can be used as extra limbs. When her extended hair gets long enough, it can detach, leaving only a normal size portion on her head. Because she specializes in hairstyling, Harriet becomes Mrs. Melvin's partner in the salon. Her symbol is a bow.
  • The Squeaky Peepers – An octet of small, helium-voiced, rainbow-coloried singing Fuzzlies. Their names are in this order: Big Do (the dark pink peeper), Re (the red peeper), Mi (the orange peeper), Fa (the yellow peeper with glasses), So (the green peeper), La (the blue peeper), Ti (the purple peeper), and Little Do (the bright pink peeper). When they get spooked, they turn yellow and start to bounce all over the place. They would also bounce around if they turn green as a result of their allergic reaction to glitter. To calm them down, most of the time, Abby uses a disc-shaped pitch pipe. When they are sad, they turn blue and sing blues music. They can run very quick, especially after they sing. Their singing sometimes involves a toy pipe organ where they move in and out of the pipes. When someone plays their organ, they don't want the player to play fast, or it will trigger their yellow bouncy state. Their symbol is a musical note.
  • Flugtilda (voiced by Emma Berman) – An orange gastropod-like Fuzzly with green eyes who wears glasses and a baseball cap who is the cousin of Princess Flug. She neither possesses powers nor does she have a symbol that would represent her. She loves to sing and dance in conga. When Abby and the other Fuzzlies join in her fun, Princess Flug felt left out. When Princess Flug got stuck in a tree Flugtilda helps Abby and the Fuzzlies to get her out.
  • Grumbles – (voiced by Kaden Stephen) A large purple meerkat-like Fuzzly who has the power to transform into anything. Abby met him in the wilderness, and thought he was some folklore creature. Abby found out Grumbles is a Fuzzly as a result of being identified by one of her equipment. Although he only morphs if he wants to, he could morph uncontrollably if he hiccups from eating a lot of food. He would also get thin as a pole when wet. His symbol is a leaf.
  • Mumbles – (voiced by Ian Ho) A small dark blue meerkat-like Fuzzly who is Grumbles' younger cousin. There are rules on how to raise him, and doing any rule wrong would cause him to multiply.
  • The Blossom Band – A quartet of plant-like Fuzzlies who like playing music. Their names are Tulip (voiced by Gracen Daly), Rose (voiced by Molly Lewis), Sweet Pea (voiced by Beatrice Schneider), and Daisy (voiced by Jackson Reid). Tulip, Rose, and Sweet Pea are female, while Daisy is male. Originally four odd silent and steady plant bulbs, but upon being sowed in the hotel garden plus getting exposed to moonlight, they evolved and developed anthropomorphic qualities. Because their affinity for music was getting them into trouble in the hotel, Abby created musical instruments for them made of cardboard. Their cardboard instruments later transformed into real ones, thanks to another moon miracle. Tulip plays a saxophone, Rose plays a guitar, Sweet Pea plays gourd rattles, and Daisy plays a long-necked keyboard. Though not officially a member of their group, Abby would at times serve as their lead singer. Besides playing music, they can extend their arms to climb high places.


  • Chef Jeff (voiced by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) – The diminutive chef of Abby's hotel. Chef Jeff is also the subject of a running gag where Abby, in her tricycle, passes by the kitchen where he is working on a dish, therefore resulting a comical accident, but he would nonetheless enjoy or find something positive about it. Besides a chef, he is also a tuba player. He has a mother who is a chef too.
  • Miranda Hatcher (voiced by Josette Jorge) – Abby's Chinese mother who works as the hotel gardener.
  • Lex Hatcher (voiced by Terry McGurrin) – Abby's American father who works at the front desk, and fixes things in the hotel when they break.
  • Melvin (voiced by Christian Campbell in the CAN/US and Eden Lawrence in the UK) – Mrs. Melvin's 4-year-old son who is an animal fanatic. He owns a pet cat named Elvin.
  • Mrs. Melvin (voiced by Kim Roberts) – The hotel salon's hairstylist.
  • Mr. Melvin (voiced by Mac Heywood) – Mrs. Melvin's husband and Melvin's father.
  • Judge Thorn (voiced by Catherine Disher) – A local judge of contests and events. Judge Thorn has a slight resemblance to Carol Burnett. She is also a TV personality.
  • Wai Po (voiced by Jane Luk) – Abby's grandmother from China. Despite her age, she is quite athletic.
  • Allen and Jeffrey – Two men who are seen wondering around outside. They once become guests at Abby's hotel. They have a little niece named Laura who is a bit crazy about Bozzly because she has a plush whom Bozzly resembles.


  • Elvin (voiced by Shayle Simons) is Melvin's pet cat.
  • Sparkles is Princess Flug's pet slug.
  • Portia is Chef Jeff's pet fish.


List of Abby Hatcher episodes


Viewership and ratings per season of Abby Hatcher
Season Episodes First aired Last aired Avg. viewers
Date Viewers
Date Viewers
1 35 January 1, 2019 (2019-01-01) 1.08 February 16, 2020 (2020-02-16) 0.36 0.62
2 23 March 8, 2020 (2020-03-08) 0.31 TBA TBD 0.31

Channel broadcast

Abby Hatcher made its Canadian debut on educational provincial broadcasters TVOKids and Knowledge Network on February 11, 2019. The show premiered on Nick Jr. in the United Kingdom on May 6, 2019, and on Channel 5's Milkshake! block on March 2, 2020. The show also debuted in Spanish on Clan in Spain and Nat Geo Kids in Latin America in late August 2019.

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