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Abdel Hamid (Arabic: عبد الحميد) is a Muslim male given name, and in modern usage, surname. It is built from the Arabic words Abd, al- and Ḥamid. The name means "servant of the All-laudable", al-Ḥamīd being one of the names of God in the Qur'an, which gave rise to the Muslim theophoric names.

The letter a of the al- is unstressed, and can be transliterated by almost any vowel, often by e. So the first part can appear as Abdel, Abdul or Abd-al. The second part may appear as Hamid, Hameed, or in other ways. The whole name is subject to variable spacing and hyphenation.

It may refer to:


  • Abd al-Hamid al-Katib (died 749), Umayyad official and Islamic scholar
  • 'Abd al-Hamīd ibn Turk (fl. 830), Turkish Muslim mathematician
  • Abdul Hamid Lahori (died 1654), Indian traveller and court historian of Shah Jahan
  • Abdul Hamid Baba, Pashtun poet
  • Abdul Hamid I (1725–1789), sultan of the Ottoman Empire
  • Abdul Hamid (surveyor) (died ?1864), surveyor in Central Asia
  • Abdul Hamid II (1842–1918), sultan of the Ottoman Empire
  • Abdul Hamid Halim of Kedah (1864–1943), Sultan of Kedah
  • Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani (1880–1976), political leader in Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • Abdulhamid Bey Gaytabashi (1884–1920), Chief of General Staff of Azerbaijani Armed Forces
  • Abdelhamid Ben Badis (1889–1940), Algerian Muslim scholar
  • Abdul Hamid Karami (1890–1950), Lebanese politician
  • ‘Abdu’l-Hamíd Ishráq-Khávari (1902–1972), Iranian Bahá'í scholar
  • Sufi Abdul Hamid (1903–1938), African-American religious and labor leader
  • Syarif Abdul Hamid Alkadrie (1913-1978), Sultan of Pontianak, Indonesia
  • Abdel Hamid al-Sarraj (born 1925), Syrian soldier and politician
  • Fouad Abdulhameed Alkhateeb (1925–1995), Saudi Arabian diplomat and businessman
  • Abdelhamid Mehri (born 1926), Algerian politician
  • Abdelhamid Bouchouk (1927–2004), Algerian footballer
  • Abdul Hamid (field hockey) (1927–2019), Gold medallist for Pakistan in 1960 Olympics
  • Abdul Hameed (writer) (1928–2011), Pakistani Urdu writer
  • Abdul Hamid Omar (1929–2009), Malaysian judge
  • Abdelhamid I. Sabra, known as A. I. Sabra (born ca. 1930), Egyptian-American historian of science
  • Abdelhamid Kermali (born 1931), Algerian footballer and football manager
  • Abdul Hamid (soldier) (1933–1965), Indian soldier and recipient of the Param Vir Chakra
  • Abd al-Hamid Kishk (1933–1996), Egyptian preacher, scholar of Islam and author
  • Abdul Hamid al-Bakkoush (1933–2007), Libyan politician
  • Omar Abdul Hamid Karami, known as Omar Karami (born 1934), Lebanese politician
  • Abdelhamid Brahimi (born 1936), Prime Minister of Algeria
  • Mohsen Abdel Hamid (born 1937), Iraqi politician
  • Abdelhamid Sharaf (1939–1980), Prime Minister of Jordan
  • Abdelhamid Slama (born 1941), Tunisian politician
  • Abdul Hamid II (field hockey) (born 1942), Silver medallist for Pakistan in 1964 Olympics
  • Abdul Hameed Dogar (born 1944), Pakistani judge
  • Abdul Hamid (politician) (born 1944), President of Bangladesh
  • Abdul Hamid Pawanteh (born 1944), Malaysian politician
  • Abdul Hameed Nayyar (born 1945), Pakistani physicist
  • Abdolhamid Fathi (born 1948), Iranian fencer
  • Wadgy Abd el-Hamied Mohamed Ghoneim (born ca. 1952), Egyptian Islamic preacher and writer
  • Abdul Hamid Khan (politician) (born 1953), Pakistani politician
  • Abdellatif Abdelhamid (born 1954), Syrian film director
  • Gamal Abdelhamid (born 1957), Egyptian footballer (Zamalek)
  • Abdelhamid Halim Ben-Mabrouk, known as Halim Benmabrouk (born 1960), French-Algerian footballer
  • Mohamed Fouad Abd El Hamid Hassan, known as Mohammad Fouad (born 1961), Egyptian singer
  • Abdel Hamid al-Ghazzawi (born 1962), Libyan Guantanamo detainee
  • Ammar Abdulhamid (born 1966), Syrian political activist
  • Yushau Abdulhameed Shuaib or Yushau Shuaib (born 1969), Nigerian writer
  • Wazi Abdul Hamid (born 1971), Malaysian motorcyclist
  • Abdelhamid Hassan (born 1972), Egyptian footballer
  • Tamer Abdel Hamid (born 1975), Egyptian footballer (Zamalek)
  • Abdolhamid Rigi (ca. 1979–2010), Iranian executed for terrorist offences
  • Amir Abdelhamid (born 1979), Egyptian footballer (El-Ahly)
  • Ahmed Hossam Hussein Abdelhamid, known as Mido (footballer) (born 1983), Egyptian footballer
  • Abdel Hamid Ahmed (born 1984), Egyptian footballer (El-Ahly)
  • Abdelhameed Amarri (born 1984), Sudanese footballer
  • Abdul Hameid Shabana (born 1985), Egyptian footballer
  • Abdul Hadi Abdul Hamid (born 1987), Malaysian footballer
  • Abdelhamid Abaaoud (1987–2015), terrorist involved in the November 2015 Paris attacks
  • Abdülhamit Yıldız (born 1987), Turkish footballer
  • Mustafa Abdul-Hamid (born 1988), American basketball player
  • Abdelhamid Abuhabib (born 1989), Palestinian Footballer
  • Abdelhamid El Kaoutari (born 1990), French footballer of Moroccan descent
  • Abdul Hamid, known as Bill Hamid (born 1990), American soccer player
  • Abdulrahim Abdulhameed (born 1990), Bahraini Taekwondo practitioner
  • Mohd Zabri Abdul Hamid (died 1975), Malaysian policeman
  • Diwan Bhai Abdul Hamid, Chief Minister of Kapurthala Princely State in India under the British Raj
  • Khwaja Abdul Hamied, Indian chemist and businessman
  • Abid Al-Hamid Mahmud al-Tikriti, or Abid Hamid Mahmud, Iraqi military officer
  • Abdul Hamid Khan (general), Pakistani soldier
  • Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid, Malaysian politician
  • Abdelhamid Temmar, Algerian politician
  • Abdul Hamid Ali Hassan, Bahraini diplomat
  • Abdol-Hamid Heyrat Sajjadi, Iranian writer
  • Abdul Hamid Adiamoh, Nigerian journalist
  • Molavi Abdul Hamid, Iranian cleric
  • Ja'far 'Abd Al-Hamid, Iraqi-British film-maker
  • Abdelhamid Abdou, Egyptian footballer
  • Abdul Hamid Bassiouny, Egyptian footballer (Haras el Hodood)
  • An alias used by John Walker Lindh, American enemy combatant for Taliban
  • S. Abdul Hamid, an Indian Olympic hurdler


  • Dina bint 'Abdu'l-Hamid (born 1929), Egyptian, first wife of King Hussein of Jordan
  • Asmaa Abdol-Hamid (born 1981), Danish social worker and politician
  • Rana Abdelhamid, Egyptian-American self-defense advocate
  • Sara Abdel-Hamid, known as Ikonika, British electronic musician, producer and DJ
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